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Smart home is an ecosystem that takes the residence as the platform, connects various devices in the home through the Internet of things technology, and realizes the intellectualization of the whole house, which can provide comfortable, safe and high-quality family living space

what is smart home

smart home is an ecosystem that takes the residence as the platform and connects various devices in the home through the Internet of things technology to realize the intellectualization of the whole house

in the past, scenes that only high-tech movies can appear have gradually entered the market. With the development of communication technology, chip and sensor technology, all devices in the home have realized interconnection, relying on cloud computing platform for intelligent analysis and operation instructions

what is the difference between smart home and ordinary home

compared with ordinary home, smart home not only has traditional living functions, but also can provide comfortable, safe and high-quality family living space. The home environment has changed from the original passive static structure to various tools with intelligent response. Through all-round information exchange, data processing and intelligent control, it optimizes people's lifestyle and enhances the safety and comfort of home life, It can even save all kinds of energy costs

smart scene demonstration 1

after a tiring day, when you return home, as the door lock is opened

the security system at home will automatically remove the indoor security, the corridor lights will slowly light up, the air conditioning and fresh air system will automatically start, and your favorite background symphony will begin to play gently

intelligent scene demonstration II

every night, all curtains will be closed automatically at a fixed time. Before going to sleep, on the panel at the head of the bed, you can touch the "good night" mode to control all lights and electrical equipment that need to be turned off in the room. At the same time, the security system will be turned on automatically and in a warning state. Before you go out, just press the button to turn off all lights and appliances in your home...

What are the functions of smart home

smart home system is committed to creating a more secure, flexible, simple and fashionable digital home space for users, bringing a new fashionable and intelligent life experience. Its basic functions include:

1 Intelligent light control

2 Intelligent electrical control

3 Security monitoring system

4 Smart background music

5 Intelligent video sharing

6 Visual intercom system

7 Home theater system and other functions

smart home hot selling item

haier intelligent security camera

haier intelligent sweeping robot

what will smart home life look like in the future

the development direction of smart home in the future is not only the interconnection of everything, but Ai Ai. We have developed high-end AI housekeepers like Jarvis in iron man, such as scene intelligent learning and intelligent data analysis. With the continuous progress of technology, AI intelligent housekeepers will no longer be science fiction. So when are you going to enter the era of smart home

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