Experts teach you how to identify inferior plastic

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The quality of steel doors and windows is shoddy, and the installation is rough, which leads to the continuous increase of quality problems of plastic steel doors and windows. At present, the low-quality doors and windows assembled at random borrow the profile brand, resulting in problems such as large price gap of the same brand, much moisture, and nonstandard installation

"plates with neat and smooth edges must be good". This statement is wrong. The boss of a decoration company who has been dealing with plates for many years said that the more such plates are, the more careful consumers must be. The cutting edge is generated when the machine saws. Good plates generally do not need "reprocessing", and there are often many stubbles. However, the plates with quality problems are full of empty cores and black cores, so the processors will "dress up" them carefully, stick a "good-looking" wood on the cutting edge, and polish it smooth and neat to confuse consumers, so you must not use this as a standard to measure which is good or bad

"Grade 3A is the best". Some readers reported that they chose the plates marked with "Grade 3A" in order not to have problems when doing decoration, but there was still a problem. In fact, there is no "3A level" in the national standard, but it is the personal behavior of businesses or enterprises, and its quality cannot be guaranteed. At present, this word is no longer allowed in the market, and the qualified wood will be marked with "superior", "first-class" and "qualified"

"the heavier the plate, the better". This view is absolutely incorrect. Experts buy plates to see the dryness and splicing. The plates with good dryness are relatively light, free of cracks and smooth. For layman consumers, the safest way is to go to the reliable building materials market and buy some famous brand plates. In order to prevent some counterfeit products in the market, you must check whether they have the test report issued by the national authority when you buy them




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