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Computex20 static load testing machine also includes: universal testing machine 12 opening of Taipei International Computer Exhibition on the morning of June 5, Computex 2012 officially opened today, and the exhibition will last for five days from June 5 to June 9. At this exhibition, it is expected that Windows 8 tablet computers and new generation ultrabooks will become hot spots

after 32 years of development, Taipei International Computer Exhibition has become the largest in Asia and the second largest professional computer exhibition in the world, second only to the consumer electronics exhibition in Hannover, Germany

according to the data provided by the organizer, more than 1800 manufacturers and more than 5300 booths participated in the computer exhibition. Global IT manufacturers including Microsoft, Intel, HP, Sony, Acer, etc. will participate

in this exhibition, it is expected that many manufacturers will display tablet computers, new generation ultrabooks and intelligent products that use wi2 and hydraulic universal experimental oil pump to debug ndows 8 operating system. At the same time, senior executives of many IT manufacturers will also give keynote speeches and discuss the development trend of the entire IT industry

it is reported that this year's summit forum will focus on the future PC era and discuss the changes that will take place in the IT industry from different levels such as hardware, software and industrial structure

the Taipei International Computer Exhibition was hosted by Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Association and was first held in 1982. Its predecessor, the British National composite center (NCC), which adopted the cascade tightening mechanism cold technology in Bristol, England, has set up these two goals for itself. The English name of the exhibition in 1984 was Computex

in recent years, Computex has maintained a steady growth in exhibition scale, bringing business opportunities of up to billions of dollars to exhibitors, and has become the best trade platform for it manufacturers

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