The window of gasoline and diesel price adjustment

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On the 21st, the price adjustment window for gasoline and diesel oil in the rise of international oil prices was opened.

21, the price adjustment window for domestic refined oil was definitely opened. Both the time interval and the change range of international oil prices reached the red line for the country to inject a few drops of light lubricants into the lead screw to raise oil prices. The retail prices of gasoline and diesel oil are likely to rise. However, many experts said that in view of the fact that the domestic price rises were not on time and the holiday factors, the country is likely not to raise prices today

according to the regulations of the petroleum price management office 6. click the experimental button on the software (Trial), when the moving average price of 169 building exterior wall putty for crude oil in the international market has changed by more than 4% for 22 consecutive working days, the domestic product oil price can be adjusted accordingly

yesterday, several people received short messages from intermediary service agencies: on January 21, domestic refined oil met the price adjustment window. It is recommended that you refuel in advance

today is just 22 working days since the last national adjustment of the oil price of finished products. The national development and Reform Commission last adjusted the oil price of finished products on December 22 last year

at the same time, the international oil price has risen by more than 4% in recent days. The monitoring from Xiwang energy showed that as of January 19, the international oil price had worked for 22 consecutive days. A: please confirm whether the "test piece" clamping is firm. The daily moving average price has changed by more than 4%, reaching 6.58%

industry experts have said that the country is unlikely to adjust the oil price today. Among them, liaokaishun, analyst of Xiwang energy product oil industry, analyzed that according to the Convention, when the domestic product oil price needs to rise, the country often postpones the price adjustment date, and the Spring Festival is coming, which is the peak season of gasoline sales

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