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Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of domestic bag making machine and imported bag making machine

with China's entry into WTO, the plastic flexible packaging industry is developing towards globalization. The improvement of domestic people's living standards has also brought unlimited business opportunities to the plastic flexible packaging industry. Plastic flexible packaging bag making machine is also booming

by comparing the domestic bag making machine with the imported bag making machine, this paper gives a new understanding and understanding of the manufacturer's professional adhesive tape peel strength testing machine from the aspects of function, quality, price, pre-sales and after-sales service


the imported bag making machine is basically single function. If another product is encountered, it can only be completed by equipment with another function. The domestic bag making machine combines the needs of the domestic market, fully considers the specific conditions of users, adapts to the different needs of users, and designs and develops a multi-functional bag making machine

comparison of major functions

the domestic machine can process three side sealed, medium sealed, four side sealed and partial sealed bags, as well as self-supporting bags and concave convex zipper bags. There is no need to replace the machine body. It is very convenient to use. It is 3 to 4 times the working capacity of the imported machine, saving site, power and investment. Comparison of small functions

in terms of processing concave convex buckle zipper bags, domestic machines have developed a set of positioning protection devices without cooling water. Once commissioning, there is no scrap problem in the production process, unless there is a problem with raw materials

due to the diversification of the flexible packaging market, some users require the back seal to be opposite to the pattern, but this function can not be completed by the imported machine. It can only be cut manually, which is labor-intensive and of poor quality. The domestic machine has newly developed a set of automatic waste edge cutting devices for middle seal pattern, which not only ensures the quality, but also works synchronously with the equipment, and is easy to operate

nowadays, pearlescent film and milk powder bags are used more and more in the market. It is inevitable that there will be stretch marks during normal operation, as well as imported machines, which will affect the beauty and quality of packaging. This defect is made up by the anti - mixing device of domestic machine

according to the actual situation of users, combined with the fact that the domestic flexible packaging industry is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, the width of some printing machines limits the size of bag making. The home-made machine has developed the upper and lower double feeding devices, which has brought good news to the small printing machine. In the past, only a 1.2m printing machine could complete the task, but now only a 0.6m printing machine can complete it, which is beyond the reach of imported machines

considering the large number of female workers in the bag making workshop, the new generation of bag making machine is unable to be competent for the feeding work, so it has developed an automatic feeding device, which is combined with the feeding part and is easy to operate. However, the imported machine does not have this device

in order to reduce losses and facilitate operation, the domestic machine is also equipped with a material shortage alarm device

continue to promote high-quality development and innovative development

due to different quality requirements of users, different equipment, different raw materials, and different previous processes, the film thickness is often uneven or the film is tight on the left and loose on the right after compounding. According to the specific conditions of domestic users, the new generation of domestic machines are designed with fine-tuning devices at all parts from feeding to traction, which can be fine tuned on both sides and on one side, making up for the quality problems caused by the deviation of the film when it is stored near the machine. The imported machine can not do this. It can only work normally when the raw materials are good and the previous process is qualified. Once the thickness is uneven and the tightness is unequal, the bags from the imported machine will inevitably deviate

there is a great demand for milk powder bags and soymilk bags in the market, and it is required to press the two sides after the middle seal is folded. The second longitudinal seal is designed for the new generation of domestic machines according to the market demand, which solves the market demand in time, which is not available for imported machines

from the comparison of the above functions, imported machines have many defects, which is also the pride of the new generation of domestic machines


China is a powerful country in the world in terms of machinery manufacturing, especially Shanghai. Light industrial machinery manufacturing has a long history and has a very solid industrial foundation. Shanghai's products enjoy a high reputation in China and the world. In terms of steel and heat treatment, it has gradually become perfect. The machining accuracy of domestic machines is no worse than that of imported machines, and in some places it exceeds that of imported machines. In mechanical operation, the crankshaft replaces the swing rod to adapt to the noise generated during high-speed operation and increase the service life. The main parts are quenched and tempered to make up for some deficiencies of domestic steel and increase the mechanical strength. All parts are subject to fine grinding and surface treatment to increase the dimensional accuracy and beauty. The wall panels of the fuselage shall be painted after the surface thermal spraying treatment, and it is not allowed to scrape and stick, so as to avoid paint peeling over time


the price of imported machines is on the high side, which is 5 to 8 times that of domestic machines, while the major functions are only 1/4 that of domestic machines, and the small functions are much worse. In addition, the maintenance and replacement of parts after years of wear and tear are not as convenient as domestic machines. In terms of the return years of equipment investment, imported machines are domestic machines! To times. In other words, if the investment of domestic machines is recovered in 2 years, the imported machines will take 10 to 16 years. According to the design idea of imported equipment, many parts have reached the scrap period before the investment of imported machines is recovered. If we continue to use it, we can only invest a large amount of money to replace the configuration, so that the recovery of investment is far away. This kind of comparison, this account, I believe everyone will calculate

pre sales and after sales service

there is no pre-sales service for imported machines. In order to provide advice to users, domestic manufacturers recommend users to select reasonable models according to their specific production conditions, so as to maximize benefits with the least investment

domestic manufacturers attach great importance to the new concept of pre-sales service. Only congenital perfection can reduce maintenance after the day. Pre sales service and after-sales service are like disease prevention and treatment. Only by early prevention and more prevention can we get sick later and less. After sales service is a passive behavior. Only on the basis of perfect pre-sales service can we do a good job in after-sales service

in terms of after-sales service, domestic machines are much more convenient than imported ones to replace consumable parts. In terms of technology, domestic manufacturers not only manufacture conventional bag making machines, but also customize bag making machines with various special requirements according to the needs of users. This simulation tunnel is one of the road simulation scenarios in the closed test area of the first national level smart car (Shanghai) pilot demonstration area in China. These are unmatched by imported machines

from this point of view, the gap between domestic machines and imported machines is gradually decreasing, and in some respects it has even surpassed the imported machines. Domestic machines will make greater contributions to promoting national industry

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