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Comparing the Raytheon 911air star version with the mechanical revolution Z2, it is said that the mechanic F117 B1 is better? How to choose

it is important to choose a notebook that is suitable for you. Recently, several game books with high cost performance have appeared in the market: Raytheon 911air star version, mechanical revolution Z2 and mechanic F117 B. many friends are asking how to choose, which is more suitable for you? As follows, let's take a look at the appearance, price, configuration parameters and user comments of these three notebooks. It may be helpful for you to choose these notebooks

Raytheon 911air

I. comparison of appearance and price:

1. Raytheon 911air star version: the appearance of this notebook is silver. At present, the promotion price of e-commerce is about ¥ 6799.00 The CPU is Intel Core IH processor, and the graphics card is gtx1050ti. (check's quotation) check's activity quotation

2. Mechanical revolution Z2: this notebook is also silver in color. At present, the e-commerce promotion price is about ¥ 6799.00. This processor is Intel Core IH, and there are two versions of graphics cards, gtx1050ti and gtx1060 Check JD quotation

3. Mechanic F117 B: the appearance color of this notebook is also silver. At present, the e-commerce promotion price is ¥ 7199.00, the CPU processor is Intel Core IH, and the graphics cards are gtx1050ti and gtx1060 View tmall activity quotation

Raytheon 911air starry sky version

mechanical revolution z2

mechanic F117 b

II. Comparison of detailed configuration parameters:

1. Raytheon 911air starry sky version configuration parameters:

mechanic F117 b

III. comparison of user comments:

1. User comments on Raytheon 911air starry sky version: the machine looks good, its performance is cost-effective compared with other game books, and it is not like other game books.Heavy, Very light and thin, full screen visual sense is really good news for watching TV dramas. It is worth buying

Raytheon 911air

2. Mechanical revolution Z2 user comments: I struggled for more than a week and finally started this Z2. Unexpectedly, the appearance design is very beautiful and the performance is very strong. The plastic materials used for 3D printing mainly include ABS, polylactic acid, polycarbonate, polypropylene, PS, acrylate resin, nylon and thermosetting plastic, Very beautiful, very smooth, very thin, no sailboat. The experimental results can be stored and printed. Let's start now

mechanical revolution z2

3. Mechanic F117 B user comments: as a game book, it is very light and thin, has a simple appearance, has 170 employees and does not lose the atmosphere, runs fast, the mechanical keyboard feels great, the keyboard background light can switch freely in various modes, the thin frame of the display screen looks very good, the customer service attitude is also very good, and a very good shopping experience

mechanic F117 b

IV. summary:

from the above appearance, price and configuration parameters, the Raytheon 911air starry sky version is not very different from the mechanical revolution Z2, and the mechanic F117 B1 is the same size. The Raytheon 911air is configured without a gtx1060 graphics card, which was released at the same time. They are all manufactured by blue sky, and the performance is not much worse. You can choose according to your preferences Go to Taobao tmall to check more popular model recommendations

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