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CPPCC members pay attention to the application of artificial intelligence in multiple scenarios Video: Robin Lee: establish artificial intelligence ethics and deal with the new relationship between machines and people source: China

(summary of the two sessions) CPPCC members pay attention to the application of artificial intelligence in multiple scenarios Beijing, March 11 (Xinhua) -- CPPCC members pay attention to the application of artificial intelligence in multiple scenarios Ma Jiajia of China News Agency

with the development of 5g technology and the application of artificial intelligence, It has become the focus of attention from all walks of life during the national two sessions held in Beijing. Many members of the CPPCC National Committee pointed out that the 3D printing strategic field that HP has proposed to enter the $12trillion manufacturing field, such as transportation, medical records, campus safety, charity and people's livelihood, is expected to become a "play field" of artificial intelligence

building intelligent transportation solutions

Robin Lee, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and chairman and CEO of Baidu company, pointed out in this year's proposal that using new technologies such as artificial intelligence to build intelligent transportation solutions can achieve "comprehensive perception, global decision-making and real-time control" of traffic, effectively alleviate traffic congestion, reduce traffic accidents, and make people travel more smoothly and safely. For example, relying on the intelligent road can improve the perception ability of the transportation system, realize the information exchange and sharing of vehicles and roads, effectively avoid or reduce traffic accidents, and serve the optimization of the urban intelligent transportation system; Using intelligent cloud, big data, edge computing and other technologies, build a computing platform to analyze the full volume traffic data, so as to predict the congestion trend and take preventive measures in advance; Use intelligent signal lights and intelligent parking system to improve the dispatching capacity of the traffic system

he pointed out that the implementation of the above plans needs the cooperation of infrastructure

promote the exploration of intelligent medical application

electronic medical record contains rich clinical data and experience, which is conducive to the progress of medical science and technology in China and the improvement of diagnosis and treatment level, thus improving the health level of the people. "In the case of protecting patients' privacy, how can these data be exchanged with each other, so that researchers can better use these data and make medical progress." Robin Lee pointed out that "there is great potential in this area"

he suggested that the exploration of open intelligent medical application should be unified, standardized and orderly by improving the medical record management system and formulating relevant standards. "It is not only medical treatment, but also pharmacy. How to invent new drugs? Now there are many artificial intelligence means that can accelerate the research and development of new drugs," said Robin Lee

the first line of defense to protect campus security

campus security has always been a hot topic of social concern. Liu Wei, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Guangzhou Jiadu Group Co., Ltd., believes that the best way to deal with campus security is to take precautions before they happen. Today, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, many AI technologies can be applied to protect campus security and hold the first line of defense. Liu Wei proposed to increase the investment in software and hardware for campus AI prevention and control. Provide full coverage security equipment for different scenarios, and establish a set of integrated and integrated campus security solutions that cover video monitoring, intrusion alarm, patrol system, video management platform and so on. He also suggested opening up the technical platform resources of the education department and the public security department to realize linkage

go deep into people's livelihood and explore the "ai+ charity new ecology"

"the most remarkable feature of artificial intelligence is intelligence, that is, the technology that replaces part of human or intellectual labor. When we cheer for the liberation of mankind by intelligence, we cannot forget that the ultimate significance of artificial intelligence is to benefit people." For the application of artificial intelligence, Liu Wei said

he pointed out that if artificial intelligence technology can further penetrate into the field of charity and people's livelihood, and improve social problems with the power of science and technology, the new technology will be more revolutionary and have far-reaching significance for public welfare undertakings and specific rescued people. He cited AI as an example to realize the mutual transformation of voice and text in various scenarios, so as to help hearing-impaired people realize information barrier free communication; Recognize people and objects through cameras, and use voice feedback to help visually impaired people achieve barrier free life; Using face recognition technology to help find missing people and find lost people through face comparison

based on this, he proposed to provide support to AI technology enterprises participating in charity and public welfare undertakings, and proposed to build an artificial intelligence technology platform and open AI technology services to charity organizations. (end)

(original title: CPPCC members' attention to AI multi scenario applications)

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