Most popular countries stop using children's paint

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Many countries stopped using children's paint containing lead or became the new mainstream

many countries stopped using children's paint containing lead or became the new mainstream

November 13, 2015

[China paint information] at the end of October, the 2015 international action week for the prevention of lead poisoning was successfully concluded. According to the activities of the international campaign week for the prevention of lead poisoning, the theme of this action week is the elimination of lead containing paint

it is understood that lead containing paint is the main trigger point of lead poisoning in children, which has great damage to children's bodies. To this end, the World Health Organization called on paint enterprises to reduce the production of lead-containing paint, so that children can grow up healthily. According to the data provided by the World Health Organization, 30 countries in the world have gradually stopped using lead-containing coatings

in addition, the goal set by the global alliance for the elimination of lead containing paint, jointly led by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme, is to stop the use of lead containing paint in 70 countries by 2015

why can't lead paint be used

whether to use lead paint or not is a controversial topic. The dispute stems from the "advantages" of lead containing coatings. Some experts said that the cost of lead is very low and its function is relatively powerful. Lead, a heavy metal additive, can shorten the drying time of pigments, and make them more moisture-proof and durable. Therefore, it seems that it is not easy for paint manufacturers to give up adding lead to paint. Moreover, many people in the industry have found reasons for the continued use of lead. They pointed out that intact lead-containing coatings will not bring harm. Only after these lead-containing coatings are damaged (such as peeling, wiping, etc.), will the lead dust produced by them cause damage to people's bodies. In addition, at present, the use of lead containing paint is not prohibited in China, but there are clear standards and regulations on the lead content in the standards for indoor environment decoration materials, that is, the soluble lead content of interior wall paint shall not exceed 90mg/kg

"however, no one is willing to plant a time bomb at home, and no one is willing to bet on the health of children." Some experts said that people should try to avoid choosing lead paint, and manufacturers should also avoid producing lead-containing paint. "Although the lead containing paint is very durable, people will have many health problems if they are exposed to heavy metals for a long time. When the human body contains a small amount of lead, the cells and kidneys of the injection molding machine with a capacity equivalent to that of the main injection molding product will be damaged. When the lead content in the human body is too high, it will lead to convulsions, coma and death. Infants and children are most vulnerable to lead poisoning. Lead Poison may hinder their physical and intellectual development, making them unable to live like ordinary people. "

what else can manufacturers do if they do not produce lead-containing coatings

whether the insiders debate whether to continue to use lead-containing paint, or whether this new technical means that may even lead to safety accidents can make a breakthrough in the remediation of contaminated soil? Can the soil where poisonous rice grows be eliminated? The World Health Organization calls on coating enterprises in various countries to stop producing lead-containing coatings. In fact, with the improvement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, they have gradually realized the harm of lead-containing coatings and will try to avoid buying lead-containing coatings and choose a more environmentally friendly coating. Therefore, it is self-evident how the development prospect of lead containing coatings is

since it is not a long-term feasible way to make money from lead, what kind of paint should paint manufacturers produce? Visited the coating market for investigation. During the visit, many experts revealed that in recent years, children's paint has risen rapidly because it is made of environmentally friendly materials and has a very low content of harmful heavy metals, which has attracted a lot of attention

it has been learned from many experts that the so-called children's paint is an environmentally friendly loose coating launched by coating manufacturers to protect the healthy growth of children. By minimizing the production of harmful heavy metals and volatile organic compounds, parents' concerns about harmful substances produced in the decoration process damaging children's health are eliminated

how does children's paint "spike" lead paint

how can children's paint ensure its durability and improve its environmental performance

"it is not only adding lead that can improve the moisture resistance and durability of the paint. Our Mickey children's paint adopts advanced ips+ technology and extracts resin from soybean and coconut tree as the main additive of the paint. After the film is formed, the paint is bright and dense with good hydrophobic effect. In addition, taking the resin extracted from soybean and coconut tree as the main material can not only improve the health and environmental protection performance of the paint, but also change the" flow performance "of the paint, Organic substances are not easy to volatilize, greatly reducing indoor volatile organic compounds and reducing indoor heavy metal content. " In the industry, Mr. Zhong, the head of Mickey children's paint, who is highly praised for his professional attitude of making children's paint, said. In addition, in order to let the children paint freely and let the mother rest assured, Mickey children's paint has been tested for many times to continuously improve the product's scrub resistance. After testing by the national authority, the product's scrub resistance has reached more than 5000 times (the national first-class standard is 500 times)

it is reported that due to the high production technology and cost requirements of children's paint, there are not many manufacturers producing children's paint in the industry, while Mickey children's paint is a rare modern technology enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales, technical support and coating services of children's paint. In addition, as the first enterprise in the industry to put forward the concept of children's paint, Mickey children's paint has explored children's paint for more than eight years, and finally developed environmental friendly vegetable paint - a health paint synthesized by adding plant extracts and adopting modern paint making technology. At present, Mickey children's paint has won the honors of China's famous brand, the country's first batch of "ecological clean flavor" promotion products, children's paint production demonstration base, etc

it can be said that the emergence of children's paint is a great savior of the paint market. In the future, most of the paint market will be children's paint market. The emergence of children's paint is also expected to make lead-containing paint withdraw from the paint market as soon as possible

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