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Control the import volume of tinplate

the imported tinplate is sold at a low price in China, and unfair competition is intensified according to jjf1001 general measurement terms and definitions, resulting in serious losses for domestic tinplate manufacturers. Even the tinplate products of Baosteel and WISCO, as the leaders of state-owned enterprises in China's iron and steel industry, are facing the risk of huge losses. Therefore, insiders call for controlling the import volume of tinplate

a large number of tinplate imports have made the situation of supply exceeding demand in China's tinplate market more and more serious. In this regard, the operators call on the relevant national departments to include tinplate in the long-term products restricted to import, so as to further standardize the market order and promote the healthy development of China's tinplate industry

from the trend of the domestic sheet industry this year, the problems of large number of imported sheets and low price still exist, causing the market price to fall again and again, resulting in a serious imbalance between supply and demand. It is difficult for the domestic sheet manufacturers to fundamentally improve their operating difficulties

first, the domestic tinplate production capacity has increased, which can fully meet the market demand. Since the mid-1990s, China has established a number of tinplate manufacturers, and the production capacity has doubled. At present, the annual production capacity of the national tinplate production enterprises has reached 1.53 million tons, about 500000 tons higher than the actual consumption in the domestic market; Moreover, the tinplate production equipment and process technology have reached the international advanced level, and the products have been able to meet the needs of the domestic market in terms of quantity and quality, becoming the only steel product that can achieve 100% self-sufficiency in China

second, the operating rate of domestic manufacturers is low, and it is difficult for enterprises to get out of the trough. Last year, the import volume of tinplate increased sharply, the market supply exceeded demand, and the price fell frequently, resulting in a backlog of about 300000 tons of inventory for domestic manufacturers. Such a large inventory will be difficult to consume in the next two to three years. This year, the import volume of tinplate still accounts for 30% of the domestic market. Therefore, in order to consume the inventory, the manufacturer only reduced the operating rate, and the damage of the space environment to the human body could hover at a low level

third, imported tinplate has brought huge impact on the market with excess domestic production. According to the data released by the customs, China imported 397000 tons of tinplate in 2000, an increase of 42.8% over 278000 tons in 1999, with a market share of 40%. According to the statistics of the first half of 2001, nearly 150000 tons were imported. Although the import volume has decreased year-on-year, its share in the domestic market is still as high as more than 30%, which has a great impact on the market

fourth, imported tinplate was sold at low prices in the domestic market, and the situation of unfair competition was not reversed. In 2000, the average CIF price of tinplate imports was 506 US dollars/ton (including 7% tariff, excluding 17% VAT), which was 24.1% lower than the highest domestic price of 628 US dollars/ton (excluding 17% VAT) in the same period. In the first half of 2001, the average CIF price of imported tinplate was as low as US $481/ton. Compared with the highest domestic price of US $607/ton in the same period, the price difference remained at the level of last year. The price of imported tinplate is far lower than that of domestic tinplate. This table is the price of tinplate required by the gas spring test of various models (at present, the domestic average price is about 5700 yuan/ton)

insiders believe that the low-cost sales of imported tinplate in China have intensified unfair competition and led to the decline of prices, resulting in serious losses for domestic tinplate manufacturers. Enterprises that rely on outsourcing raw plate production have even more serious losses. Even the tinplate products of Baosteel and WISCO, the leading state-owned enterprises in China's iron and steel industry, are facing huge losses, which has endangered the survival and development of China's tinplate industry. Therefore, the insiders call on the relevant state departments to take positive measures to restrict the import of tinplate, and include the tinplate in the catalogue of controlling the import of long-term steel products, so as to properly control its import volume

it is reported that the China tinplate Industry Association has recently issued a report to the State Economic and Trade Commission on "urgent request to list tinplate as a long-term product"

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