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In order to crown the quality, cabe won five awards of "boiling cup"

on December 6, the "2019 China sanitary ware quality conference", a large-scale event of the annual heavyweight ceremony of the sanitary ware industry sponsored by Zhongjie, jointly created by 13+ sanitary ware production areas, 16+ industry associations, 20+ authoritative testing/certification institutions, 100+ sanitary ware entrepreneurs and 400+ quality directors, was grandly held in Tianyuan Hotel, Xiamen, China! The remarkable "boiling cup" awards were announced: cabe won five awards, including "boiling cup Quality Gold Award", "boiling cup Quality Excellence Award", "benchmark water-saving shower set" and "benchmark energy saving & comfortable integrated intelligent toilet"

"giving boiling cups to industrial enterprises and relevant associations and scientific research institutes" is planned and initiated by Zhongjie. In view of the product quality and performance that consumers focus on when purchasing sanitary and kitchen products, it cooperates with industrial associations, certification agencies and testing agencies with national pumping qualification, so that operators can learn to find problems and eliminate them. Now, the following analysis is made on the problems: terminal sales and purchasing platforms, etc, Jointly carry out authoritative quality and performance evaluation activities of sanitary and kitchen products

with its unique design process, exquisite product quality and high-quality product experience, cabe's integrated intelligent toilet won the "benchmark energy-saving & comfortable integrated intelligent toilet" and the "boiling cup Quality Gold Award", the round tube spray gun shower set won the "benchmark water-saving shower set" and the "boiling cup Quality Excellence Award", and the siphon cyclone toilet won the "boiling cup Quality Excellence Award", While winning numerous high praise from consumers, it is also widely recognized by the industry

(the second from the left is the representative of cabe)

the evaluation results of this period are obtained by 20 authoritative testing/certification institutions based on the advanced international standards, association standards and national standards in the corresponding category field after a year of intensive evaluation and quality inspection, which ensure the authority of the evaluation not only from the organization, but also from the evaluation basis standards and evaluation forms

(the second on the right is kabe's representative)

in terms of the Gold Award, the "boiling cup" quality gold award won by kabe's integrated intelligent toilet is a high award issued in the quality and performance evaluation activities of sanitary and kitchen single products. The products that won this award are all products that meet the standard requirements in the backward evaluation of product technical structure in the code for construction and acceptance of automatic sprinkler systems GB 50261 (9) 6, and all performance indicators are excellent, In the evaluation of the same batch of samples, the quality performance is at an advanced level. It can be said that the "boiling cup" quality gold award represents the current performance vane of this category of products

(the third on the left is the representative of cabe)

quality is the foundation of enterprise development, and high-quality development is the future of the industry. Quality is not only the control of quality, but also the improvement of quality. Cabe has established the business philosophy of product quality first since its establishment. It has always adhered to high-quality development, from strict control of raw materials to continuous upgrading of product technology, aiming to provide consumers with high-quality and reliable household products

this award not only proves that cabe's products are trustworthy to consumers, but also recognizes cabe's quality and strength. In the future, cabe will continue to improve the quality management level, promote the steady improvement of product and service quality and efficiency, play a good role as a model and guide, adhere to the original intention and determination of quality, win consumers' trust and respect for good products with high quality, and let high-quality products bring a better home life

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