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Aggressive sales in the construction machinery industry, in which grassroots investors are sold at a high level, guide: the risk is transmitted upward from the lowest end of the leasing market: the problems of end customers' difficult payment collection, bad debts and dead debts will also be transmitted to the agents, and then to the manufacturers. Another sales season is about to pass. The personal feeling of excavator owner dujianjun (a pseudonym) is that although

the risk is transmitted upward from the lowest end of the leasing market: it is difficult for end customers to collect payments, and the problems of "bad debts" and "dead debts" will also be transmitted to agents, and then to manufacturers

another sales season is about to pass

Du Jianjun (a pseudonym), the excavator owner, felt that although the tensile strength of the seam was a little better than that of last year, it was definitely not the industry recovery that manufacturers and agents said

dujianjun entered the excavator industry in 2010. At present, he has three excavators (two shared with his friends) for lease. In his opinion, the rental market is still a disorderly growth after 2010, and the radical sales model adopted by major domestic machinery manufacturers is a disaster for end users

"the manufacturers have lowered the entry threshold and attracted many people who are not familiar with the industry to enter blindly." He told us that the leasing industry is a low threshold industry, which is easy to be saturated. As some lessors adopt the payment mode of installment payment, the risk spreads upward from this point to agents and finally to construction machinery manufacturers

On July 3, dujianjun told this newspaper that although he had not been engaged in excavator for a long time, he had experienced the glory of the excavator industry

"three years ago, no excavators were found on the construction site. Users could not buy them. Even some people knew that 3D printing technology was available only after seeing this exhibition. Agents sat in the factory to grab excavators, and manufacturers could not buy accessories." At that time, when the 4trillion investment was surging, a large amount of infrastructure investment brought about a blowout in the demand for construction machinery

at that time, in order to seize the market share, the major domestic machinery manufacturers adopted a radical sales model, that is, they attracted a large number of enterprises to participate by launching low down payment or even zero down payment purchases. As the excavator industry had a good market in previous years, the phenomenon of aggressive sales was more serious

at the busiest time of the industry, dujianjun entered the excavator industry with 250000 yuan and bought three excavators for lease. At first, he did make some money, but soon, dujianjun found that it was not easy to make money slowly. "Like the stock market, I entered the high position at that time and was locked up."

one reason why it is difficult to make money is that under the aggressive sales strategy of construction machinery manufacturers, too many people who are not familiar with the leasing industry are "tempted" to rush in blindly. This industry is prone to excess

"the manufacturers lowered the entry threshold, but after these people entered the industry, they knew that things were completely different from what they imagined." According to dujianjun, the down payment introduced by the manufacturer is low or zero. In fact, there is no down payment, but there is no need to pay so much for the time being, and it will be paid in a period of time

"many people think that if they buy a machine, they can use the money earned by the machine to repay the balance. In fact, that's not the case." Even if the user pays the down payment in full, he must have at least 100000-200000 cash on hand. Otherwise, he can't play. Dujianjun said: "it is good that Party A can remit money for a period of time, because there is a time difference in the remittance. During that period, the oil money, salary and mortgage money all need money."

when economic growth began to slow down, other problems began to appear. "The current limitation is that the project development funds are compressed and the settlement is not timely. It is said that the monthly settlement is often overdue in practice." A long-term end-user engaged in excavator leasing told this newspaper. The owner of the aircraft said that he had met this situation some time ago, and the payment had not been settled for half a year. "The cost of running back plus various expenses is a loss."

in the eyes of some end users, in the past three years, the oil price has risen and the driver's salary has also increased, but the equipment rent has not increased much. "Diesel fuel has risen from 6 yuan to 8 yuan. The driver's salary was 3000 yuan three years ago. Now it has risen to 5000 yuan, including food and accommodation. The pressure is great." Dujianjun said

high operational risk and repayment pressure have left some end users in a quandary. Changes in the situation have even forced some users to change their strategies: "now they rent municipal and general equipment, and the previous equipment has been sold or credited." The owner of the aforementioned excavator leasing machine

risk transmission chain

dujianjun said that the machinery leasing market after 2010 is a disorderly growth, resulting in many equipment idle and stalled. "The construction site is not started, and the machine only has iron drying, but the sun can not make money, nor can it produce calcium."

the risk is transmitted upward from the lowest end of the leasing market: it is difficult for end customers to collect payments, and the problems of "bad debts" and "dead debts" will also be transmitted to agents, and then to manufacturers. "The terminal has no money. What can I use to repay the mortgage? If I can't afford the mortgage, the manufacturer will tow the machine. Although the machine is towed back, it still takes up their cash flow." Dujianjun said

"the manufacturer is really tangled. If they don't tow the machine, they are afraid that the risk can't be controlled, the loss will expand, and the loss of the tow machine will also be large." According to the unnamed owner mentioned above, after a large number of machines are towed back, the manufacturer still has to rent a place to park, which requires money. The manufacturer still needs money to pay the outstanding mortgage at the terminal to the bank on time

when the market is good, everyone thinks that the good days will continue. Construction machinery manufacturers are no exception. "More than ten years ago, it was a loss. At that time, as long as you could make it, someone would buy it." Mr. Wei, who had worked in the machinery team of a central enterprise for many years, had many years of experience in dealing with manufacturers. He viewed the development of construction machinery manufacturers in this way: because there was no high-tech threshold, everyone rushed to build and build, "you sell one piece and I sell 90 cents, and vicious competition began."

only in recent years did Lao Wei choose to work independently from his unit. "The manufacturers simply understand that to be bigger and stronger is to do quantity, and only think about market share." As a result, the current market is in chaos, and "moving a stone and hitting yourself in the foot"

according to the latest data, the accounts receivable of domestic machinery manufacturers increased rapidly, and even this trend continued until 2013

at present, in order to cope with the declining industry, these machinery manufacturers have deliberately adjusted their sales strategies, including not adopting aggressive sales strategies, reducing accounts receivable, reducing financing sales, reducing support for agents, optimizing agency structure, etc. "These enterprises are indeed adjusting, because if they do not adjust, they will be finished by themselves."

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