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Consumers are a little confused about the QS sign

since January 1 this year, AQSIQ has required 13 categories of food to implement the market safety access system. These foods must obtain the QS mark to enter the circulation field

these 13 types of food are: candy, tea, wine and fruit wine, beer, yellow rice wine, pickles, preserves, fried goods, egg products, cocoa products, roasted coffee, starch and starch products, and aquatic products. Previously, 15 food categories, including wheat flour and rice, have implemented the market safety access system

in mid April, I visited some supermarkets in Chengdu and Mianyang and found that some pickles, starch, wine and fruit wine were not marked with QS. For example, the 120g Siji Babao tea produced by Beijing Yinghai shunchengtai tea packaging factory and the 125g Tieguanyin in iron box produced by Fujian Anxi Bama Tea Co., Ltd. were produced on January 26, 2007 and February 3, 2007 respectively, However, no QS mark was found on the outer packaging of these two kinds of tea

in some supermarkets in Mianyang, more than 10 consumers were asked whether they knew the QS logo. Most of them looked at a loss. A woman surnamed Wang said: "there is no deep understanding. Those who only know the QS logo may be better than those who do not." Uncle Zhang, who was waiting in line to pay, said that he knew a little about the QS mark of the food with very advanced technology and equipment, but when asked whether he knew what the new 13 categories of food were, Uncle Zhang smiled and said that he was not sure

interviewed relevant experts. According to the experts, QS is the English abbreviation of QualitySafety, that is, the market access mark of food quality and safety. It is a quality mark that must be affixed on the outer package of food that has passed the inspection after the food production enterprise has obtained the food production license according to the specified procedures, representing the express guarantee made by the production and processing enterprise for the food produced. The food with QS mark means that it meets the basic requirements of quality and safety

when used as a material, high molecular polymer is required to have necessary mechanical properties

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