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Coroware launches affordable smart UGV for robot researchers and developers

coroware launches affordable smart UGV for robot researchers and developers

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coroware is a wholly-owned subsidiary of coroware, which has announced the availability and pricing of corobot Jr, an intelligent driverless ground vehicle (smart UGV) with reasonable prices, It is suitable for robot researchers and developers

mobile robot researchers and developers are usually looking for reasonable and flexible platforms on which they can develop applications and services for UGV; However, low-cost platforms in the market usually lack integrated computing platforms, and intelligent UGV is usually unbearable

corobot Jr is an affordable intelligent UGV, including a waterproof chassis with integrated PC level CPU, onboard infrared sensor, Hd 1080p camera and wireless controller for remote operation, assuming that the table is in the raised position

corobot Jr has two chassis options: 3-wheel (2-drive motor) chassis and 4-wheel (4-drive motor) chassis. Corobot Jr provides two operating system options: Ubuntu Linux with robot operating system (ROS) and Microsoft windows7 professional for embedded systems

corobot Jr aims to minimize the cost and complexity of developing mobile robot applications, said Joe daziel, business unit manager of coroware technologies. Combined with our software development suite for Linux and windows, we believe that corobot Jr will become a powerful tool for robotics researchers and application developers around the world

corobot Jr also provides two options for the manipulator: one can be lifted to 100g, and the second can be lifted to 600g. Both corobot Jr robot arms can reach five degrees of freedom. The corobot Jr waterproof chassis can be installed with additional hardware components, allowing researchers and developers to modify and customize each robot to meet specific requirements

Dan Kara, robotics industry analyst and President of Electra studio, said: corobot Jr is a very affordable choice for researchers and developers studying new robot applications and solution prototypes. The platform provides high-level functions at a relatively low cost, and doing so will stimulate innovative applications. The following Jinan Zhongbiao technicians will tell you in detail. 3. the development of lubricant effects. These applications can be deployed on a series of ROS based UGV platforms. After many vertical installations, the forces on both sides of the specimen are uneven in the tensile process

corobot is expected to start shipping in March, 2013 The corobot Jr is priced at $2299, up to $3999, depending on the choice of chassis and robot arm configuration

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