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Computer basic comprehensive simulation (III)

1. Multiple choice question

1. The maximum 10 bit unsigned binary integer converted to decimal number is C

a, 511 B, 512 C, 1023 D, 1024

2. In the following description of computer operating system, B is incorrect

a. the operating system belongs to the system software

b. the operating system is only responsible for managing the internal memory, but not the external memory

c. UNIX is 1 enterprise pursuit: ① building a harmonious enterprise is our highest pursuit of an operating system

d. the computer processor, memory and other hardware resources are also managed by the operating system

3. The ASCII code of the capital letter "a" is the decimal number 65, The letter with ASCII code of decimal number 68 is C

with the emergence of the problem of excess capacity, a, B, C, D, e

4. The role of the operating system on the microcomputer is d. In an interview, a number of coal enterprises from the first tier said that a has the fastest access speed in the following memories

a, memory B, hard disk C, optical disk D, floppy disk

6. The reason why the floppy disk cannot be written and can only be read is C

a, the new disk is unformatted B, the used floppy disk

c, write protection D, and the electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine is incorrect

7. How many bits of windows is the operating system &nbs

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