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Corporate culture construction of parent and subsidiary companies: chicken ribs

I. embarrassment and helplessness - corporate culture = chicken ribs

the issue of corporate culture has been debated in China for many years, but unfortunately, the result of the debate is to "help" the construction of corporate culture of Chinese parent and subsidiary companies into an abnormal state. In the vast majority of Chinese enterprises, the corporate culture is still just a beautiful vase - not useful in the middle, or a beautiful ceiling - visible but not accessible. In a word, in the eyes of many enterprise managers, the construction of enterprise culture is nothing more than "chicken ribs", which is tasteless but a pity to discard:

the construction of enterprise culture is in full swing at present, and the view that "good enterprise culture is a necessary feature of future successful enterprises" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. How can we not take the initiative to "derail" the world trend without engaging in enterprise culture? However, in the actual implementation, the construction of corporate culture seems to have become the work with the lowest "efficiency", which consumes high costs and a lot of human and material resources, but still has little effect, floating on the form and surface, just like a gust of wind - coming and going quietly. As a result, the so-called corporate culture strategy originally formulated under a heroic spirit has no more than two final destinies: it is either shelved or helplessly submerged in the complex daily work

II. Get out of the misunderstanding -- focus from national culture to corporate culture

the key reason why Chinese enterprises face the above embarrassment is that they have lost themselves in the space-time impact of Chinese and Western cultures. In the traditional understanding of corporate culture, there is such a misunderstanding: the managers of enterprises just stand at the height of the enterprise to understand corporate culture, but ignore the most important point, that is, corporate culture, as a part of the national culture, also has the attributes and characteristics of the national culture. Therefore, the discussion of corporate culture must rise to the national level and understand corporate culture from the perspective of the whole national culture

from this point of view, we redefine corporate culture: corporate culture is a system, which is an enterprise core value and spiritual pursuit that takes the enterprise organization as the carrier, relatively dynamically integrates the national strategy and the enterprise strategic vision under the dual penetration of the two main lines of social values and social ethics, and constantly evolves and develops in a clear direction in a four-dimensional space; Corporate culture is both expansionary to the outside and defensive to the inside

it is not difficult to see that the above definition includes the following aspects:

corporate culture is not illusory. Its roots must be firmly attached to the organizational body of the enterprise's tape electronic stripping experimental machine, and expanded from the inside out. Let's take a look at the function of the power hardware tensile testing machine, which is like the luxuriant branches and leaves derived from a tree trunk

corporate culture is the inheritance of national culture and the special response of the whole social values and ethics on a specific organizational structure

corporate culture is the unity of the national strategy and the enterprise's own strategic objectives, and must provide services and support for these two strategies

corporate culture is not static, but a relatively dynamic process of continuous evolution and development in a specific direction

the core of corporate culture is the values and spiritual demands of the enterprise

corporate culture must be the unity of offensive and defensive, that is, on the one hand, it can invade and assimilate other cultures, on the other hand, it can protect its own body from the attack and alienation of other cultures

III. from "chicken ribs" to "chicken legs" - "management + control" achieves the real value of corporate culture

it is important to correctly understand corporate culture, but how to promote its 36.79% equity corresponds to an estimated value of 495.6 million yuan; The appraised value of assets of 554million yuan invested by China Southern remittance makes the "landing" of corporate culture of parent and subsidiary companies more pragmatic and meaningful

1. Management and control of parent subsidiary company culture

different from the traditional corporate culture management, I entered the door at a lower level, and they emphasized the importance of "control". In the traditional management works, "control" still exists only as one of the five functions of "management" (planning, organization, command, coordination and control)

in fact, control, especially prior control, has played an increasingly prominent role in the actual process of enterprise management. Because the possible risks in the management process can be effectively reduced, the management cost can be reduced, and the comprehensive efficiency of "management + control" can be comprehensively improved through pre negotiation, authorization, process, organization, policy, risk assessment, strategy, values (Culture) and other control means. "Control" has gradually stepped into power from its original role as one of the five management functions. With its increasingly prominent importance, it can be tied with "management" and formed into a new model of corporate governance in the future - control

corporate culture is an obvious "management + control" complex in the process of corporate governance. In the traditional understanding, corporate culture is more related to "management art". People often ignore the control role of culture in the implementation of corporate strategy. Even, compared with the general system and process control, the cultural control is more permanent and effective, and it also caters to the needs of corporate culture

2. The internal and external main lines of cultural control of parent and subsidiary companies

the internal performance of cultural control of parent and subsidiary companies is the shaping of enterprise values and indoctrination of ideology from top to bottom under the guidance of the company's big strategy. Its purpose is to incorporate the thoughts of enterprise employees into the core value system of the enterprise from the spiritual level, so as to make it a driving force for formulating and promoting the implementation cycle of the company's strategy; Simply put, it is to make the culture promote the implementation of the enterprise's big strategy from the inside through management and control

the parent subsidiary company's cultural control is externally manifested in the output and radiation of corporate values and other cultural will by taking products and services as the carrier and by means of brand and marketing, so as to attract and control the consumption behavior of external consumers, expand the controllable space of their operation, enhance their market influence, and finally promote and realize the company's grand strategy through the feedback from the external market

specifically, the cultural management and control of parent and subsidiary companies is the "soft power" of a group enterprise to implement the overall management and control of parent and subsidiary companies

to sum up, we find that the corporate culture and corporate culture control under the control of parent and subsidiary companies must grasp the following core connotation:

corporate culture must serve the company's strategy and provide strong support for the implementation of the strategy; Otherwise, the culture divorced from the company's strategy will fall into misunderstanding, lose its value, and even become a stumbling block to the company's development

the culture precipitated and accumulated is generally a culture of low efficiency, high internal friction and high self conflict, which generally cannot support and strengthen the strategy

an excellent and efficient corporate culture is the result of system design, the internal consistency of high-level system thinking and implementation, and the biological clock and rhythm of the enterprise. Any fragmented and piecemeal culture is inefficient and even harmful

corporate culture can be forcibly accumulated (from scratch, from others and me), directionally accumulated (what is lacking is supplemented, precisely guided, targeted drug delivery), and orderly and controllable in the process of cultural transmission, accumulation and accumulation

corporate culture is essentially a strong core value, and its formulation and application in various situations

corporate culture must be integrated with management and become the "constitution" behind processes, systems and management standards through interface transformation

corporate culture must become a soft standard for selecting, developing and appointing managers and core talents

corporate culture must become the principle and consensus point for decision-making, planning, implementation and control. (end)

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