Most popular containers for packaging liquids

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It is used to manufacture packaging liquid and further improve the market competitiveness of containers for body use

[patent type] invention patent

[patent name] packaging material used to manufacture containers for packaging liquid, including at least two layers of laminated materials

[applicant] BASF Ag

[inventor] s · Qianpu; R · ettle

[address of the principal applicant] Ludwigshafen, Germany

[application No.] 6

[application date] 2004.05.06

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[approval announcement date] 2006.06.21

[main classification No.] b32b29/00 (2006.01) i

[classification No.] b32b29/06 (2006.01) I b32b27/10 (2006.01) I b32b15/12 (2006.01) I d21h27/10 (2006.01) i

[priority] 2003.5.16 de 10322267.7; 2004.1.13 de 10 2004 001 992.4

[sovereign item] 1. A packaging material comprising at least two layers of laminations of sizing paper or sizing paperboard and at least one impermeable film or foil for the manufacture of containers for packaging liquids, wherein the paper or paperboard is sized with polymer sizing in each case

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[international application] pct/ep2004/004820

[international publication] wo2004/101279 German

[Abstract] the invention relates to a packaging material for manufacturing containers for packaging liquids, which is composed of at least two layers of composite materials and at least one kind of impermeable film. The composite material comprises paper or paperboard bonded together by polymer adhesive. The invention also relates to the use of paper products for manufacturing containers for packaging liquids, especially for packaging beverages. The paper products are respectively obtained through the following steps: (I) through at least one polymer glue or polymer glue and alkyl vinyl ketone dimer aqueous dispersion or its tensile machine sensors on the current market. Generally, S-type sensor mixtures are used, In the presence of a retention aid, a non essential water-soluble aluminum compound and at least one non essential cationic polymer, the paper material composed of an aqueous dispersion of cellulose fibers is bonded together, (II) the paper material is filtered on a paper machine that cannot be moved up and down, (III) the paper product is dried, and (IV) a plastic or metal film is pressed on one or both sides of the paper product

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