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How to use the engine's big throttle correctly

how to use the engine's big throttle correctly is directly related to the locomotive's fuel consumption rate and economic benefits. When it is appropriate to use a large throttle and when it is not appropriate to use a large throttle is very particular. In general, the accelerator of agricultural transport vehicles and tractors should be used in accordance with the unit load and the adhesion of the wheels. The manipulator should pay attention to the following points in use:

1 When the unit is operating at full load, the large throttle should be used. As long as the power machine is reasonably matched with the supporting machines and tools, the large throttle should be used during the normal operation of the unit to make the unit work under full load most of the time. If the medium and small throttle is often used, it will not only reduce the work efficiency, but also affect the quality of work

2. When the combine is operating, it is necessary to use a large throttle in the refrigerator. Since the optimal motion parameters of the working parts of the combine are designed according to the rated speed of the engine, the large throttle must be used whether the cutting width is narrow, the travel speed of the unit is fast or slow, the growth of crops, or the load of the unit is large or small. If the forward speed is reduced by reducing the throttle, the motion speed of the cutting knife, reel, threshing and cleaning parts and other parts cannot meet the design requirements, which will reduce the working performance of the parts and the operation quality of the whole machine, and even cause the drum to be blocked

3. It is not suitable to use a large throttle when starting the engine. Modern diesel engines are equipped with full-scale governors. When the throttle is increased to a certain extent, the fuel volume regulating device of the fuel pump has been positioned inaccurately and is at the maximum fuel supply position. If the accelerator is blindly increased, the oil supply will not change, but the preload of the speed regulating spring is increased, which will greatly increase the speed of the engine after starting. However, when the development and utilization cycle is shortened, the temperature of the engine is still low, and the lubrication of all parts is poor. The excessive speed after starting will increase the wear of the parts of the factory, especially those with on-site compactors or large garbage cans

4. It is not suitable to use large throttle when the unit crosses obstacles. Do not use a large throttle when the agricultural vehicle is driving on uneven roads, when the tractor crosses ridges and ditches, or when the wheel is in a pit, otherwise it will cause strong vibration of the unit, which is very likely to cause damage to the walking device and other components

5. It is not suitable to arbitrarily adjust the high-speed limit screw and tie the governor spring. In order to run faster, some operators arbitrarily adjust the high-speed limit screw on the engine, or prick the governor spring, which is bound to increase the maximum idle speed of the engine, damage the rated working condition of the machine, increase fuel consumption and increase the inertia force of the parts, which will not only damage the acceleration machine, but also easily cause major mechanical accidents or car accidents

6. Do not use a large throttle before flameout. We should get rid of the bad habit of blowing the accelerator a few times before shutting down the engine. Knocking the throttle before flameout will not only cause incomplete combustion in the cylinder, increase engine damage, but also increase fuel consumption. According to the test, the fuel consumption of agricultural vehicles is 6 ~ 8 ml for light detonation and 10 ~ 15 ml for heavy detonation

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