How to create the sales force of the hottest brand

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How to create the sales power of brand packaging

"you stand on the bridge and watch the scenery/people watching the scenery watch you on the bridge/the moon decorates your window/you decorate others' dreams". This is a famous poem. The poet uses wonderful strokes to depict the beauty of people and scenery, the mutual decoration between people, and the mutual decoration between people. B. load instigation mechanism: the moving part of the contrast. With the development of commercial society, poetic things are less and less, and more and more precious. The poet's grasp and technique of the scenery are mastered by many professionals in the business field. In the business world full of "copper smell", through commodity driven process description documents, they will be reinstalled into the packaging of the computer, showing infinite beauty and temptation like a peacock opening the screen

in the era of material scarcity, business opportunities are in a state of low-level demand, and our business culture is also poor; When the era of material abundance came, people began to pay attention to style and the beauty of life. Business opportunities were fermented one by one like bread, and packaging as a means of delivering commodity information began to shock

every excellent brand has a soul, and packaging is its coat. These well-dressed goods are like elves, attracting consumers. How can a good package conquer its target consumers

one of the key points: embed the identity of the target consumer into the package

consumers' motivation to buy products is often determined by their own identity or image. When goods can reflect their own image or identity, consumers will have an impulse to buy, and goods are easier to complete a "thrilling jump". Take the Yangshengtang series products as an example, the "happy growth" childlike appearance corresponds to smart and lively children, the beautiful "Duo Er" is for women who desire beauty, the playful "qingzui buccal tablet" corresponds to young and energetic urban girls, and the "turtle pill" is the filial son (younger generation) of the world who knows how to repay their kindness... As long as they feel right, consumers will pay the bill

key point 2: reflect the interests that consumers are most concerned about

instant noodles need to show soft noodles and delicious condiments perfectly to cause appetite; The accuracy of ball screw is the highest. The gift package specification of health products should be atmospheric and the printing should be exquisite. Otherwise, the generosity of the giver will not be reflected, and the face of the giver and recipient will not be bright; The toothpaste used for traveling should be smaller, otherwise it is difficult to pack the travel bag

key point 3: let products "jump" out on the display shelf

salespersons who work as terminals often say that they want their products to "jump" out of similar products, which shows that salespersons want products to be the first to be noticed by consumers. In fact, consumers' attention to a product generally changes from unintentional state to intentional state. If consumers can be the first to be noticed in a large number of products and have a good impression, consumers will have a lot of opportunities to buy. Of course, the packaging must conform to the attributes of the product. It is impossible to package a large machine with cartoon sensibility, otherwise it will cause others to have unreliable associations about the product performance

key point 4: Design impressive memory points

good packaging will leave a deep impression on people, such as the rough western cowboy image of "Marlboro" cigarettes, a series of long circles on the onlido product box, "lacoste" crocodile... These images can be imagined with your eyes closed

key point 5: draw an honest and credible face for the product

to reassure consumers and trust products, good product packaging can often have a silent effect over sound. One strategy is to let consumers see through, and use transparent packaging materials to let consumers see the internal things of the product and consume boldly with confidence; Another strategy is to note on the package or the special recommendation of authoritative scientific research institutions, government agencies, or health institutions, and a certain insurance company has undertaken quality insurance in recent years, which is widely used in the field of medical and health products; Fast moving consumer goods are often marked with production date, shelf life, of course, bar codes, national unified retail prices, etc., to enhance consumer confidence and fast transactions

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