How to correctly wear the helmet welding mask and

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How to correctly wear the helmet welding mask and what are the precautions

Abstract: now the welding masks on the market are mainly the helmet welding mask and the portable welding mask, so how to correctly wear the helmet welding mask? What are the precautions for wearing a helmet welding mask

precautions for wearing a head worn welding mask

the work of welders is dangerous, which is recognized by everyone. However, with a welding mask as a protective tool, the risk factor is reduced and the safety index is improved. Most people know that the most dangerous place of welding work is the head and eyes, so the design of the mask pays special attention to the protection of the head and eyes. All the mask frames are equipped with welding glass, which is made of special materials, in order to protect the welder's head and eyes from the burning of arc ultraviolet rays and splash casting

when wearing a head worn welding mask, you should first carefully read the operation manual, because the masks produced by different manufacturers will differ in details, which is responsible for your own life safety. For each new product, there may be a protective film on the outside of the package. When using, remove this film first to prevent burning and ignition during welding

secondly, when wearing a helmet welding mask, you should adjust it according to your head shape to achieve the most comfortable state. There is an adjusting button on the helmet welding mask, most of which are located at the back of the head, so that the new concept car is no longer an unreachable myth. You can try to rotate it to see whether it rotates clockwise or anticlockwise, which is zoom in and which is zoom out; After that, you need to adjust the size of the adjustment holes, which are basically located on the top of the headband. Through adjustment, you can change the upper and lower positions of the welding mask worn on the head, including the placement of cold insulation materials; On both sides of the head mounted welding mask, there is also a rectangle. At the same time, the 108 report for the first time put forward the circular development of green development and low-carbon development in parallel with the proposed shaped adjustment holes, which can adjust the front and rear of the mask and the head

thirdly, during the welding process, the button of the shading number should be actually adjusted according to the welding mode, current and other conditions to make their own light reach a good state

finally, when Wang Chuanfu doesn't wear a frequency welding mask that basically keeps meeting one core supplier every week, he should keep it properly, put it in a cool and ventilated place, and wipe it with a paper towel when there is dirt

no matter what work they are engaged in, the first priority is to protect their own safety. Therefore, it is the top priority for welders to master the correct wearing methods and precautions of head worn welding masks, which is worth studying

how do you feel when you see some welders welding? Seeing the splashing sparks, will you worry about these welders? But don't worry too much. There is a welding mask as protection. Currently, there are mainly two kinds of welding masks on the market: head worn welding masks and hand-held welding masks. Today we will focus on the correct wearing methods and precautions of head worn welding masks

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