How to curb the current situation of easy loss of

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How to curb the current situation that customer service personnel are easy to lose

after the start of the service war, many enterprises have made good customer service as an added value to improve their corporate image, and have gradually realized the importance of service for enterprises, which is not only related to the external image building, but also likely to directly affect the increase or decrease of performance. Therefore, good service has become the primary goal, so the customer service personnel directly linked to good service has also become the key

however, enterprises are facing a very serious problem: the loss rate of customer service personnel is very large. Based on the uniqueness of customer service personnel, the work is boring and the workload is heavy, and the same work is repeated almost every day. Facing all kinds of customers, we need to spend a lot of energy, but we often need to bear the current situation that the performance is not up to standard or the business ability can not satisfy the leaders. These are the reasons for the high turnover rate of customer service personnel within the enterprise. The first thing that enterprises need to solve before improving their service capacity is to reduce the turnover rate of customer service personnel and make them truly become the backbone of service improvement

first of all, improve the ability of customer service, so that they have their own motivation to move forward

regularly train customer service personnel, so that they can improve and grow in their professional ability, especially for newcomers who have just entered this industry without a clear strategic mineral directory, they need to automatically store after testing, set automatic return, and someone can lead and guide. Do a good job of detailed training and guidance, and appropriately reduce the tension and pressure of new people. At the same time, enterprises need to make clear the direction for customer service personnel and let them see the goals they can strive for

secondly, alleviate the pressure of customer service and give multiple forms of encouragement

communication is the job responsibility, but poor communication requires criticism and pressure from superiors. Such an embarrassing situation faced by customer service personnel needs to be used in various fields for managers to reflect. Encourage appropriately. The encouragement here includes not only money, but also affirmation of customer service personnel. Don't cling to mistakes. Help customer service personnel find out the reasons for mistakes and teach them. After all, helping them grow and improving their service ability is the ultimate goal of the enterprise

finally, make rational use of effective collaboration tools

use intelligent tools to help customer service reduce work pressure. Zhongtong Tianhong call center system is customized to meet the needs of enterprises, and it has omni-channel access to user consultation. Customer service can carry out multiple tasks on one platform. This state is glass state: when the temperature continues to rise to a certain range, the operation saves time and improves efficiency. Multiple functions cooperate with customer service to better provide users with professional services and build a real bridge of communication with users. With the increase of user satisfaction, the working ability of customer service has also been improved

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