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The nine trends of knowledge management in China in 2007

as knowledge management as a management practice has really entered all kinds of organizations in China, on the basis of the vigorous development of knowledge management in 2006, the knowledge management center, a professional consulting service organization for knowledge-based organizations and knowledge workers in China, made the following predictions, It is believed that the development of knowledge management in China in 2007 will show the following trends:

trend 1: knowledge management will really penetrate into all industries

in 2007, more and more industries and organizations will carry out knowledge management practice. In addition to traditional enterprise organizations, there will be more and more government agencies, industry associations, project organizations, virtual societies, etc. to carry out knowledge management. For example, knowledge management of large-scale sports games, environmental protection, river management, various foundations and social charities, and industry knowledge management. In the practice of knowledge management implemented by enterprises, knowledge management practices in traditional industries will increase significantly

trend 2: the management of external knowledge of enterprises will attract attention

previous knowledge management practices pay more attention to the management of internal knowledge and knowledge-based employees in the organization. With the increasing competition, more organizations will carry out the practice of external knowledge management in 2007, including exploring external stable and reliable explicit knowledge sources, knowledge management in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain, management of external personnel as knowledge carriers, internal transfer of external knowledge, external knowledge acquisition methods through personnel training, etc

trend 3: the combination of knowledge management and separate business modules

in some industries and some enterprises. 1. If the limit lever does not return to business in time, the implementation of knowledge management at the whole organization level is more difficult. In 2007, these organizations will focus on local knowledge management practices such as marketing, R & D, investment and external environment, which have the greatest impact on the organization. Through the knowledge management of local businesses, we can obtain more direct benefits, and finally consider the knowledge management practice of the whole organization

trend 4: in 2007, the existing knowledge management of the organization is still the main part, supplemented by the knowledge management of the knowledge community.

due to the restriction of the management level of Chinese enterprises, the primary problem encountered in the implementation of knowledge management is "don't know what knowledge you have". Therefore, the management of the existing knowledge of the organization in 2007 is still the mainstream of knowledge management practice, while the creation of knowledge The establishment of knowledge communities and other aspects of effective management will only exist in some industries and enterprises for practice. This shows that the practice of knowledge management in China is still in its infancy

trend 5: the weight of consulting services in the implementation of knowledge management is increased, but the quality is mixed

knowledge management involves organizational culture, system, it technology and management changes, so knowledge management practice has a great demand for effective consulting services. With the knowledge management implementation enterprises' understanding of knowledge management implementation gradually deepened, in the knowledge management practice in 2007, the demand for consulting services will significantly increase, and the quality requirements for consulting services will be higher and higher. However, the quality of knowledge management consulting services that can be provided in China is mixed

trend 6: there will be more knowledge management systems and consulting service providers

with the expansion of the knowledge management market, more and more knowledge management systems and consulting service providers will join this field. Except that some institutions are newly established, most of these institutions come from transformation. The advantage of these manufacturers is that they have a deep understanding of one or several industries, but the defect is that they do not have a good understanding of knowledge management, and they do not have real knowledge management practice experience, so the quality of products and services they provide is worrying

trend 7: personal knowledge management has become the choice of knowledge workers

most knowledge workers' career life is longer than the life of the organizations they serve. In addition, China is in the period of deepening reforms, and there are many uncertainties in various organizations. Therefore, knowledge workers under greater competitive pressure and market pressure will naturally choose to improve their competitiveness through personal knowledge management, Through the effective efforts of individuals, personal knowledge management is carried out, and good protection practice is carried out at the same time

trend 8: the research of knowledge management and talent training are going deeper

search and sort in the index database. In 2007, the research on knowledge management from different perspectives will be further deepened, and more research institutions, experts and scholars will be engaged in this research. At the same time, after several years of efforts, great progress has been made in the talent training of knowledge management. Some colleges and universities have opened undergraduate courses in knowledge management, and many masters and doctors engaged in knowledge management research have gone to work

the effect is an orderly list of items. Trend 9: knowledge management has become the basic management of today's organizations.

knowledge management does not exist independently. With the deepening of people's understanding of knowledge management, knowledge management will become a basic management in enterprise management, which will be displayed through the management functions of all aspects of the organization, such as strategic management, marketing management, project management, human resource management, etc. More managers realize the value of knowledge as a strategic resource, and consciously do knowledge management in daily management practice. This trend is still in its infancy in 2007, and the process will be relatively long. (end)

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