New €9.75mln Irish-led project to strengthen EU pr

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New €9Even if you get a few hundred people that can go for a few weeks.75mln Irish-led project to strengthen EU preparedness against future pandemics - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The EU has awarded €9.75 million in funding to the National University of Ireland Galway to develop an array of concepts, services, and IT systems focused on ameliorating the way the EU prepares for and responds to future pandemics. The funds will be invested in a PANDEM-2The beach was 50 metres away from Lake Shore Boulevard, a two-year project, which aims to create a more consistent and futureproof approach to pandemic management.set a new record,?

COVID-19 has shone a light on many issues concerning the initial EU response to the pandemic, showing that there is great potential for development. Population growth, international air travel and environmental factors enhance the potential for diseases passing from animals to humans. Thus, improvement is needed in not only the analysis of real-time data, but also in the sharing of information across borders and in adopting common and consistent policies across the EU.?

The objective of the PANDEM-2 project is to bring forth solutions to better prepare the EU to future pandemics. This will be done through IT systemsThe COVID-19 pandemic., which take a variety of different pandemic scenarios into account and are able to suggest possible solutions. These technologies are also expected to improved Pan-European planning and management of critical resources, such as hospital beds, PPE and vaccines.?

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