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Paint is a very important step in home decoration. Even if wallpaper is used on some walls, most of them still need latex paint. Many people are still confused about using paint. Here is the most useful paint selection and use experience. The paint with good quality will not only have a very good decoration effect, but also be waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew proof, and have a longer service life. However, if the purchased home decoration paint has problems in environmental protection and performance, or is not carefully painted, its decoration quality may also be poor. The following editor will share with you the skills of choosing paint, identifying paint quality, and painting and acceptance. Choose paint 1. Determine the area of your home and let the paint company or decoration company calculate the amount of paint required. Generally speaking, if it is all outsourced to decoration companies, they are responsible for this work; If it is only half contracted to the decoration company, this work can be calculated by the paint store. 2. Determine the color of paint according to your requirements for decoration style. 3. Learn about the good brands and products of coatings and environmental protection, such as 3A environmental protection paint, Dulux, etc. if you want to choose coatings according to European and American standards, you usually buy 3A environmental protection paint. 4. Start from the recent building materials market to investigate the paint brand, products and prices. 5. Look: check the relevant test reports of products, such as China environmental protection product certification, China environmental labeling product certification, etc., such as 3A environmental protection paint, which is listed in China's top ten paint brands &mdash& mdash; In addition to the above certification, 3a aibaoqi paint also has SGS test report. In addition, wall paint samples will be placed in better brand paint stores. When purchasing wall paint, you should first observe the transparency and gloss of the samples to intuitively judge the coating effect. Good wall paint is generally transparent and glossy. 6. Smell: environmental friendly wall paint has a pure and elegant smell, which will not have a pungent smell like inferior paint. Therefore, in the process of purchasing wall paint, we can ask to open the lid of the paint can, smell the sample paint, and judge the intensity of the smell. 7. Q: after entering the paint store, in addition to listening to the explanations of the shopping guide, you should also carefully ask the price, quality assurance, service, etc. of the wall paint you want to buy in combination with the actual situation of your house. 8. Touch: touch the paint film with your hand. Good wall paint has high solid content and fine and smooth feel, while poor quality paint still feels brittle and thin even after brushing for many times because of its low solid content, and the paint containing impurities will also have an obvious sense of particles. 9. Scratch: scratch the paint film with hard objects such as toothpicks or nails. Good wall paint has high hardness, good scratch resistance and is not easy to scratch, while wall paint with low hardness will have obvious fine scratches, which will affect the beauty of the wall. Buy paint 1. Talk about the price with the merchants. Generally speaking, as long as there is a certain profit, they will do this business. When they start talking, cut more discounts directly, and then talk slowly. 2. Check the credit of the business, check their certificates, and confirm whether they are the authorized business of the brand. For example, the franchised store of 3A environmental protection paint will have the official letter of authorization of the manufacturer. 3. Experience the services provided by the manufacturer, such as the professionalism of service personnel, whether they can provide design suggestions and later painting services; If it can be provided, compare it with similar services in the market. 4. The amount of paint should be clearly explained by the manufacturer, and the treatment method of the remaining paint should be discussed in advance; Ask about the conditions for returning goods; The order should be detailed. 5. Pay attention to the after-sales contract. Don't covet cheap products. The cost of quality problems is much greater than the cost of buying high-quality products. 6. You can talk with the merchants about delivering the paint to your home and painting services, and set the price clearly in advance. The franchised stores of 3A environmental protection paint generally provide such services. Painting construction 1. Before painting, the product must be inspected to confirm whether it is indeed the one you ordered. The main way is to carefully check the logo on the commodity package, especially the name of the factory, address, product standard number, production date, expiration date and product instructions. Pay special attention to the label on the package. It is best to call the manufacturer to check the batch number to ensure the authenticity of the product. 2. We must inspect the qualification and ability of the painting workers, and we can find some friends who are more knowledgeable to help check. 3. The normal wall plastering should go through the processes of putty, leveling, grinding, painting, and the process of one primer and two finishing coats. Any Jerry built work will be shown from the flatness of the surface. The qualified project will appear very uniform in the backlight, and there is no trace of rolling brush. 4. After the wall is painted, when checking the painted wall, rub the back of your hand on the wall repeatedly. If you feel smooth, it means that your Kung Fu is in place. If the hand feels very astringent, and then look at the wall from the backlight direction, if the surface is uneven, there are obvious traces of rollers, indicating that during the construction process, the number of times of painting on the wall is not enough, and the thickness of the coating layer cannot meet the requirements, rectification is required. 5. During the acceptance of painting construction, it is required that the color of the painted surface should be consistent, and there should be no quality defects such as penetrating the ground, missing painting, powder falling, alkali peeling, peeling, biting color, etc., and there should be no peeling and falling phenomena. The paint film should be smooth and powder not falling by hand. Doors and windows, lamps, furniture, etc. should be clean without paint traces. The choice and construction of paint are very important. Whether it is suitable for your home decoration and whether the construction is qualified are very important. I hope the above knowledge is useful to you




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