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Last Thursday, after the news of the departure of the Han Yue decoration roll was published in the newspapers, the deceived owners successively called this newspaper to complain. Received an advance payment of 20000 yuan, neither started nor refunded, which has been delayed for almost a year now! Now the decoration company has run away, and there is no litigation object! Ms. Liu in Qingshan District was indignant

in fact, the evaporation of home decoration companies is not the first time. It has occurred from time to time since 2002, including Shenzhen union decoration, Beijing Dix, Beijing huijiaxin, and hechuang decoration &hellip& hellip; The home decoration industry once encountered a credit crisis

in the past two years, with the gradual standardization and improvement of industry management, such vicious escape events rarely occur. Even under the impact of the financial crisis last year, nearly 20 small and medium-sized home decoration companies in our city went bankrupt, but they all did a good job in dealing with the aftermath and did not walk away; The Han Yue incident had a bad impact on the whole industry

this year, the home decoration industry will continue to ‘ Shuffle ’, It cannot be ruled out that more small companies have closed down. In the special period of industry consolidation, consumers should be more cautious in the choice of home decoration companies to avoid unnecessary economic losses. Guowei, Secretary General of the Municipal Building Decoration Association, reminded the general public to pay attention to the following points when choosing a home decoration company

I. pay attention to professional qualifications &mdash& mdash; The threshold of the home decoration industry is low, and it can be operated as long as the industrial and commercial registration is carried out, which leads to the mixed situation and uneven strength of home decoration companies. It is reported that there are thousands of home decoration enterprises in our city, while only more than 200 member units with professional construction qualifications have passed the qualification examination of the industry association. Therefore, it is suggested that citizens should try to choose the member enterprises registered with the industry association. Even if there is a dispute, the association can come forward to mediate and deal with it

second, establish brand awareness &mdash& mdash; Among many home decoration enterprises, it is certainly the most reassuring to choose large-scale brand enterprises with good reputation and good reputation. These brand enterprises have strong strength, strong anti risk ability, and are not easy to go bankrupt; And generally, the company has been operating for many years, and its internal development is stable. Even if there are quality disputes, the company also pays attention to the maintenance of brand image and provides customers with perfect after-sales service

third, don't be greedy for cheap &mdash& mdash; Citizens should learn to find the best price for money, not the lowest price. It's right to choose a home decoration company with good quality and low price when decorating, but if you take the price as the only measure, it's easy to be cheated if you blindly covet cheapness. Decoration also costs money. If the price is ridiculously low, citizens should be careful. Either the home decoration company deliberately omits items and increases the price while construction is started, which makes it difficult for you to ride a tiger; Or he didn't plan to do this business at all, took the low price as the bait, took the advance payment and was ready to leave

IV. local enterprises are preferred &mdash& mdash; Apart from the strong national chain enterprises, if citizens give up first-line brand home decoration companies for economic reasons and choose among small and medium-sized home decoration enterprises with lower quotations, it is best to follow the principle of local enterprises first, so as to prevent a few ill intentioned foreign enterprises from leaving after business failure

v. don't pay in advance &mdash& mdash; The payment of decoration funds is generally based on the construction progress. According to the current industry regulations, 30% will be paid after signing the contract, 40% will be paid after the completion of water and electricity, 25% will be paid after the completion of carpentry, and 5% will be paid after the completion of all works. If it is not time for payment, the home decoration company is eager to urge the advance payment, and the owner should be on guard against his leaving with the money

VI. attach importance to decoration contracts &mdash& mdash; Although standardized contracts have been promoted for several years, many citizens still pay little attention to the signing of decoration contracts. Some foreign home decoration companies in our city still use the foreign contracts of the headquarters even now. It is suggested that citizens should take the initiative to request the use of standardized contracts with unified specifications in the industry, and all the details of oral agreements should be written into the contracts to provide a basis for future rights protection. (reporter Zheng Li)




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