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In modern room design, ceramic tiles play an important role in decorative materials because of their waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, easy to clean and other characteristics. In the process of decoration, how to choose and install floor tiles is very important

choose floor tiles

when choosing floor tiles, you should screen from the specification, tone, texture and other aspects of floor tiles according to your hobbies and the functional requirements of your room and according to the field layout. The color and style of the floor tiles should match the color system of the overall space. At the same time, six steps should be taken when selecting the floor tiles

step 1: check whether there are pinholes and spots on the glaze, the texture of the glaze, and whether there is color difference

step 2: check whether the tiles are deformed and measure whether the two diagonals of the tiles are equal

step 3: look at the water absorption of the tiles. Use water drops on the back of the tiles. The smaller the diffusion area, the longer the drying time, the lower the water absorption and the better the quality

step 4: listen to the sound and knock the tiles with your hands. The sharper the sound, the better the quality

step 5: weigh the weight. The heavier the weight, the better the texture

step 6: open the box for inspection, take a piece of products from different boxes, and then tile them to see whether there is color difference and size

install floor tiles

dry paving method: in terms of floor tile theory, the dry paving method should be used to remove floating sand and sundries after watering and wetting the base course. Plaster the bonding layer, use one to three dry cement mortar, pave and level it according to the horizontal line, put the brick on the mortar and vibrate it with a rubber hammer, remove the ground brick, pour and plaster the cement mortar, and then place the ground brick and vibrate it. The dry paving method effectively avoids the occurrence of bubbles, hollows and other phenomena caused by the paving process of the floor tiles. However, due to the labor-intensive and high technical content of the dry paving method of floor tiles, the cost of the dry paving method is much higher than that of the wet paving method

wet paving method: it is a floor tile paving method widely used by many home decoration owners. The difference between this method and dry paving method is to replace one to three dry cement mortar with ordinary water and cement mortar. The tile floor with wet paving method may produce hollows and bubbles, which will affect the service life of the floor tiles. However, due to the simple operation and low price of the wet paving method, many families still use the wet paving method to pave the ground





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