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Today, the wall fabric industry has entered a period of rapid development, but the majority of consumers' awareness of the wall fabric industry is still in the primary stage. Today, the reporter will conduct a one-day enterprise interview with the new brand of the wall fabric industry - like a duck to water

Li Tao, head of marketing promotion of Ruyu Deshui

[reporter]: Hello, Mr. Li, what part of your work are you mainly responsible for in Ruyu Deshui

[Li Tao]: I am mainly responsible for marketing promotion and marketing planning

[reporter]: we all know that as a first-line brand in the industry, ruyushui has a certain influence on the whole industry. In 2018, ruyushui achieved relatively excellent results. Can you tell us something about this year's breakthrough in marketing? What are the plans for 2019

[Li Tao]: in fact, from 2014 to now, we are mainly cultivating internal skills. The company did not do much in investment promotion or even marketing, but actually did some strategic layout. From 2014 to now, the company has mainly optimized the flexible production line in the backyard, which is the only production line in China and even in the world. This production line has cost us a lot of energy. Why should we do it? In fact, there are not many brands implanted in the eyes of consumers in the curtain industry at present. It can even be said that there are no household brands. In fact, this is also an opportunity. First of all, if you want to make such a brand, product protection and design must be provided. From 2014 to the present, we have reached a great level in the backstage support and intelligent factory. With the improvement of the production line, we are also interested in providing OEM cooperation for other enterprises in the future. At the end of last year, Ruyu Deshui really began to switch lines, and this year, we are concentrating on our marketing sector. We have done a lot of preparatory work to achieve investment attraction and comprehensive promotion this year. Take the new store as an example. There are many factors for the survival of a store. From the perspective of the manufacturer, we have set up our Yuyue project team, from helping the horse and giving a ride in front to the dealer class we see today, to our store manager class and basic class, in order to build a franchise store and make a quick profit in three months

the major action in 2018 is mainly that I didn't attract investment for so many years before. This year, I appeared in major exhibitions respectively, and I have contacts with red star Macalline and incredibly home, which promoted strategic cooperation, and also signed cooperation with sina home. So in the next year, we will quickly incubate our internal skills, and it is possible to introduce our factory construction and build sub factories again. Secondly, in the marketing area, there will be our large-scale advertising promotion, mainly aimed at the all media, and the follow-up will also gradually make efforts in our new store investment promotion. Because the current positioning of ruyushui is mainly for customers aged 35-55, we will launch a sub brand of ruyushui at the end of this month, called "Yicai". The main positioning of "Yicai" brand is for customers aged under 35. As we all know, now the state regulation, including the concept of consumers, still wants to pursue fashionable and simple things. Ru Yu de Shui also launched some such products to cater to our large number of capable consumer groups. We are confident that 2019 and 2020 will be better

[reporter]: you just mentioned that we have done some projects to promote this year. Can you give us a brief introduction to these projects

[Li Tao]: the project like a fish in water is different from some other third-party training institutions. Although they are very professional, we have strong pertinence. Take a dealer joining like a duck to water. From the initial selection and site selection to the drawing design of the franchise, it is all procedural and modular, and the building of the store is also modular, which can improve the speed of building the store. After the engineering drawings are determined, we will assist in the recruitment of franchised stores and recruit employees to our company for basic class training. Before the basic class, dealers must do dealer incubation and training on our platform, and work together with the store to make some preparations before opening. After the store is decorated, we have a team here to help the whole exhibition arrangement and achieve the best display effect. At this time, we will introduce our first project, called the new store project, which usually involves two to three teachers. The teacher will go to the store, from the customer attraction and drainage of employees, to the transaction plan, to our 3D quotation. The purpose of this is very clear. It is to improve the survival rate of our stores, including our break even point, which can be achieved faster, so that everyone can realize their financial freedom through our platform more quickly

many of our stores this year have projects all year round and will package projects all year round. This project mainly focuses on locking orders, that is, engaging in activities. This year, we have seen that many stores have achieved very good results. An activity lasts for more than ten days, with one or two hundred orders. Such good news has been reported, which has fully improved our confidence and that of the dealers. For this project team, it has been three years since we built it. The team currently has more than 60 employees, all of whom are new stores serving specialty stores

[reporter]: is it convenient for us to disclose the sales plan in 2019

[Li Tao]: we have paved a lot of specific store support actions in 2019, from the dealer's shift every month to the new product structure every month. As we all know, spring and autumn are the nodes of our overall soft decoration and building materials development. We have broken this method. We will introduce the old and bring forth the new every month, and the store design will continue to change. There are good products and good supporting marketing policies, Coupled with our all media promotion and the supporting facilities of our landing projects, I believe the competitiveness of ruyushui franchise store. Although the general environment from next year to the next year is not particularly optimistic at present, in this cold winter, ruyudeshui must be a dark horse

[reporter]: Thank you very much for accepting our interview. I believe you can achieve better results

(source: Sina home)




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