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For a long time, Opel ceiling has followed the market development trend with a keen sense of touch, and provided a series of systematic assistance and welfare policies for terminal sales, making Opel team more frustrated and stronger, more brave in battle, and promoting the upgrading of terminal marketing

2019 is a turning point in the development journey of Opel. There have been major innovations in product research and development, marketing strategy and brand planning! For a long time, Opel has followed the market development trend with a keen sense of touch, and provided a series of systematic assistance and welfare policies for terminal sales, making Opel's team stronger and stronger, fighting braver and promoting the upgrading of terminal marketing

new products

at present, the ceiling market is developing rapidly, the products are updated iteratively, and the consumption concept is constantly upgraded. Osborne firmly takes the road of "real products and real prices". In product research and development, it takes the quality problem as the primary task, integrates the intelligent and humanized design concept according to the market development needs, and creates a new series of smart appliances and large home series ceilings, which is really making technology change life

smart electrical products of Opel 2019

Opel 2019 big home series products

new image

if products are the core of enterprise development, then the terminal image is the foundation. In 2019, Opel won the honor of the sixth generation Si image system. The new system continues the unique "three degrees" spirit of Opel, and injects a new marketing concept of youth and intelligence to create experiential marketing with Opel brand personality

the Si image of Opel's sixth generation terminal

uniqueness: create and use Fubao IP

interest: partition or material design is more thematic and interesting

interaction: add more interactive links in the marketing process

marketing tools

Opel with keen market insight, always pay attention to the development of the consumer market, explore new market needs, and open up new consumption channels, Quickly formulate marketing plans for the growth of terminal marketing and promote the full implementation of marketing tools. Opel experience marketing tools make terminal marketing more efficient and stable

Opel marketing tools (product matching scheme, product professional evaluation, customer installation real-life cases, exclusive store experience props, product labels, etc.)

Opel Business School

Opel business school regularly carries out training activities to provide strong and effective help policies for the national sales team. The training methods are divided into online and offline. Online "wechat classroom" mobile teaching is adopted to allow terminal students to study ad hoc anytime and anywhere, explore channels in interaction, and contribute to the new growth of marketing! Offline regular training courses, one-on-one practical teaching, on-site guidance by professional lecturers, effectively solve the pain points of terminal sales, and comprehensively improve terminal sales efficiency

In 2019, a president's action to fight for health, led by Ms. Ma Caixuan, President of Opel, was launched in an all-round way. The "Opel national formaldehyde removal public welfare campaign" carried out on-site visits and precise training to many key markets across the country. Opel is poised to carry out public welfare undertakings to the end

overseas luxury travel

Opel pays great attention to and attaches great importance to the development of terminals. A series of measures, from product research and development, terminal image upgrading, marketing tool landing, business school training to public welfare activities, are the embodiment of Opel's improvement of terminal comprehensive competitiveness and marketing efficiency

in order to further improve the sales enthusiasm of the national partners, enhance the cohesion of the terminal team, and enable the growth of terminal performance, Opel has specially launched the "overseas luxury tour" policy, which will be an academic discussion trip gathering national sales elites, so that Opel can go to the world, interact with domestic and foreign ceiling experts, and explore the way to create wealth in the ceiling industry abroad. At the same time, you can also experience exotic scenery, taste delicious food, and collect all kinds of interesting things

Opel "overseas luxury tour"

national excellent sales elites are being recruited





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