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Wallpaper, a widely used interior decoration material, has the characteristics of diverse colors, rich patterns and environmental protection. So, what about the specific wallpaper? Moman wallpaper tells you

wallpaper, a widely used interior decoration material at present, has the characteristics of diverse colors, rich patterns and environmental protection. So, what about the specific wallpaper? Moman wallpaper tells you

wallpaper advantages

advantages 1:

wallpaper health index is high: latex paint is mainly composed of water, base material (lotion), pigments and fillers, and additives. Many components will produce harmful chemicals after long-term contact with air, and latex paint will release formaldehyde gas. Wallpaper generally consists of three parts, paper base and ink are two of them, and the other part depends on the classification of wallpaper materials. In terms of composition, wallpaper is far less harmful to human body than latex paint

advantage 2:

the color of wallpaper is pure: when we choose to paint the wall, there will inevitably be a small color difference in the color matching of the wall paint, and the color color painted on the wall is often not completely consistent with our original idea. And the hue of wallpaper is always pure, because the wallpaper will not change in color from purchase to pasting on the wall, so don't worry about color difference

advantage 3:

wallpaper can create an atmosphere: choose your favorite wallpaper and coordinate it with the interior decoration style, which can well highlight the overall effect of the room and the warm home atmosphere

advantage 4:

wallpaper has a long service life. The wallpaper with advanced production technology will have better material and longer service life

advantage 5:

wallpaper is fast and clean: painting the wall will inevitably leave some stains, which are difficult to remove. However, when pasting wallpaper, if the glue accidentally spills onto the skirting board or window frame, generally we can quickly remove it with wet rags or sponges

material difference of wallpaper

resin Wallpaper:

also known as PVC wallpaper, the surface layer is composed of glue, also known as polymer material. More than 80% of the products in the world belong to this category, which is a major category of wallpaper. This kind of wallpaper has a very good waterproof performance. Water will not penetrate into the wall. It belongs to isolation waterproof

recommended places: public areas, toilets, living rooms, businesses, restaurants, etc

non woven Wallpaper:

based on pure non-woven fabrics, non-woven wallpaper is often referred to as "non woven wallpaper". Advantages: non woven wallpaper looks velvety and feels textured. It is characterized by stable size, not easy to get dirty, good air permeability, sound absorption and other characteristics

recommended group: young people, the goods are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless and breathable. At present, home decoration bedroom, living room and children's room are used very much

pure paper wallpaper:

based on paper, it is embossed after printing; Advantages: very good coloring effect, suitable for dyeing all kinds of bright colors and even fine brushwork. Pure paper wallpaper is the best environmental friendly wallpaper, and the colors are extremely rich and beautiful; Good workmanship

recommended places: Children's room, bedroom, bedside background wall; Porch, etc.

foaming Wallpaper:

foaming wallpaper is based on 100k/m2 paper, coated with 300-400k/m2 PVC paste resin mixed with foaming agent; Wallpaper is a concave convex pattern with strong texture and elastic surface printed on the foaming plane, which has a certain sound absorption effect

recommended places: living room, dining room, study, business place, etc

flocking Wallpaper:

flocking wallpaper is to bond short fibers to the paper base, so as to produce a good textured flannelette effect. Features: good silkiness, no reflection due to the bright color, no pungent smell, green and safe, the short fiber on the paper base can play an excellent effect of sound absorption, and the three-dimensional effect of goods is good

recommended places: for residential, sofa, TV background wall, villas, office buildings and other high-end places

brand introduction:

Morman wallpaper, the leader of high-end wallpaper brands, originates from Europe and the United States, which has the highest environmental protection standards in the world. It inherits the global mainstream high-end new products such as the USA series, Italy series, France series, German series, English series, China series, Sweden series, gathers a variety of product versions and continuously launches a collection of mainstream consumer natural, environmental friendly and fashionable patterns every year, covering European style, modern Simple European, classical, pastoral, art, personality, Chinese style, cartoon and other design styles, with their natural, noble and fashionable brand genes, are committed to creating a natural, noble and fashionable comfortable life for people




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