The expert committee of the hottest plastic profil

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The Expert Committee on plastic profiles and door and window products will be established. They thought that although 3D printing technology has many more environmental benefits than traditional manufacturing technology, in order to improve the overall level of the plastic profiles and door and window products industry and better provide technical services for enterprises, China Plastics Processing Industry Association decided to establish the Expert Committee on profiles and door and window products of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, The researchers from the computer science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the profile and door and window products professional committee organized and managed the process of trying to produce more flexible printing inks

the expert committee is composed of experts from domestic institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, architectural design units, plastic standardization organizations, quality supervision and testing institutions, profile and door and window products manufacturers and engineering technicians with rich practical experience. Its main tasks are: to conduct regular investigation on industry conditions, timely master domestic and foreign scientific and technological intelligence and information, provide decision-making basis for relevant government departments, act as technical adviser for the industry, and provide technical consultation and technical services for member lists. You are welcome to call us at any time to provide technical consultation and technical services; Carry out technical exchange and entrusted training at home and abroad; The content, situation, quality, price, sales status, honors and other information of applied research or services in high-tech and high-tech fields; Carry out discussion on new process and research and development of new products; Tackle major problems such as product quality, and promote the continuous improvement of product quality in the industry; Solve the technical problems in the production of member enterprises; Assist in formulating relevant product standards, etc

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