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The experience exchange meeting on large-scale photovoltaic power stations was successfully held in Qinghai. From April 21 to 22, the "experience exchange meeting on planning, construction and integration of large-scale photovoltaic power stations" hosted by Hubei zhuiri Electric Co., Ltd., CO organized by the photovoltaic special committee of China Renewable Energy Society and organized by the electromechanical business newspaper was successfully held in Xining, Qinghai

the meeting invited government officials, authoritative experts, design institutes, photovoltaic power generation enterprises, photovoltaic equipment manufacturing enterprises, mainstream media and other representatives from the photovoltaic industry to jointly exchange and discuss the overall solutions and new development models for the planning, construction, merger and financing of China's large-scale photovoltaic power stations, and organized a visit to the Juya 20MW photovoltaic power station in Gonghe photovoltaic power generation Park, Hainan prefecture, Qinghai Province, which was EPC contracted by chase Japan electric, With a view to promoting the large-scale, sustainable and stable development of China's photovoltaic industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period

the meeting was presided over by wudada, deputy director and Secretary General of photovoltaic special committee of China Renewable Energy Society, Shi Dinghuan, counselor of the State Council and director of China Renewable Energy Society, zhoufengqi, vice president of China Energy Society and director of Energy Research Institute of national development and Reform Commission, xie Yuan, director of Qinghai science and Technology Department, wangjingxiong, deputy director of Qinghai development and Reform Commission, and other leaders attended the meeting and delivered speeches. At the meeting, jiangliping, vice president of the National Electric Energy Research Institute, Liuchun, director of the New Energy Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences, Wang Zhun, director of the Review Office of the Qinghai Branch of the China Development Bank, and other experts made reports on the problems and challenges faced by China's photovoltaic industry, the merger of China's large photovoltaic power plants, the financing policies of photovoltaic power plants and other topics; Chenjianguo, chairman and President of Juri Electric Co., Ltd., made a keynote speech on "the third industrial revolution and Discussion on the development of China's photovoltaic industry". Xuejianke, chief engineer of Juri electric new energy branch, introduced the construction solutions of large-scale photovoltaic power stations with Juri characteristics to the participants in combination with practical engineering cases

Shi Dinghuan, director of China Renewable Energy Society, pointed out in his speech that the development and utilization of new energy is not only conducive to alleviating China's energy dilemma and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also of great practical significance in adjusting the industrial structure and transforming the organization's lean energy to the development of low resistance, high efficiency and long-life membrane coated filter technology. Seizing the development opportunity of the national new energy industry and following the direction of economic and social development towards the era of low-carbon economy, sun chase Electric has vigorously developed the core technology of new energy and actively engaged in the construction of photovoltaic clean energy, accumulating rich experience for the development of China's photovoltaic industry

On the 22nd, the conference representatives went to Gonghe photovoltaic power generation Park in Hainan prefecture, Qinghai Province to observe the Juya 20MW photovoltaic power station project, which was EPC contracted by sun chase electric. According to the introduction of the project leader of chase Japan electric, the 25 year average annual power supply of the photovoltaic power station is 32317.4 kwh, which can save a lot of traditional fossil resources, equivalent to 10200 tons of standard coal per year; The core electrical equipment used in the power station are independently developed and manufactured by sun chase electric, including high-power photovoltaic parallel inverter. The product integrates the internationally advanced high-power module parallel technology, dynamic MPPT technology, heat pipe heat dissipation technology and original harmonic control technology. It has low-voltage ride through and other protection functions, especially suitable for high altitude and low temperature special environments. At the site of Juya photovoltaic power station, the representatives focused on the magic sy exclusively developed by sun chase electric in the industry to timely understand the user's demand for the stem megawatt inverter energy optimization system. The system technology has greatly improved the power generation efficiency of the photovoltaic power station through the collection of a variety of system equipment, such as plateau type special inverter, magic bracket adjustable bracket, magic box, etc. it is estimated that the power generation can be increased by 10% and the swing rod can be driven by the pull rod and upper swing arm (square iron). Zhonghua glass () Department

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