The expansion prospect of Yunnan electrolytic alum

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The expansion prospect of Yunnan electrolytic aluminum is beginning to take shape.

the production capacity of Xinjiang and Shandong has touched the ceiling due to the restrictions of the supply side reform policy. After Xinjiang and Shandong, the new production capacity of China's electrolytic aluminum is mainly concentrated in Inner Mongolia and Guangxi. However, inadvertently, we found that Yunnan Province has made 10 experimental expansion actions in the same steps as electrolytic aluminum, attracting the attention of the whole industry

in the "chaotic" period when the industry structure was reshuffled and the production capacity indicators were contested, governments at all levels in Yunnan Province took advantage of their own advantages and quickly seized the opportunity to guide the electrolytic aluminum production capacity indicators to the local

on May 7 and 8, the Yunnan Provincial Commission of industry and information technology successively released the announcement of capacity replacement, in which Henan Shenhuo and its parent company, Shenhuo Group, planned to establish Yunnan Shenhuo Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. in Yunnan, and planned to replace the capacity index of "Henan Shenhuo" 510000 tons of electrolytic aluminum to Yunnan, instead of leaving the capacity index alone, they always put the sense of urgency and crisis in their hearts to Xinjiang

if there is any demand from its sub group, the group plans to replace its 350000 ton capacity index that has been replaced to Xinjiang Qiya within the group to Yunnan Qiya sub Metal Co., Ltd. even though its phase II construction of 800000 tons in Xinjiang is coming to an end, it still decides to dismantle and relocate the project equipment. In its public document, it says that the project cannot continue to be constructed because the supporting power station cannot be constructed, so it decides to terminate the construction of "Xinjiang Qiya project"

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