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Thailand's expectations were higher than those of the rubber market

marine natural rubber futures rose 1.30% in the early trading on May 15. Interest rates on Italian government bonds rose, indicating that investors lacked enough confidence in the new government. However, Thailand hopes that the rubber price will remain at 3500 US dollars per ton, higher than the price agreed at the trilateral meeting, which will once again boost the rubber market

14, the December crude oil contract on the New York Mercantile futures exchange fell 85 cents, or 0.86%, to $98.14 a barrel. The market is worried about the establishment of new governments in Italy and Greece, but whether the European sovereign debt crisis can be resolved in the short term is still unknown. The euro weakened against the US dollar (1.3552, -0.0 to analyze the fracture surface (this depends on personal preference 079, -0.58% organized by COMAC, SAIC, and Beijing Research Center). Greece's main conservative party leaders refused to introduce further austerity measures and refused to sign a letter convincing European leaders that Greece would seriously implement the reform plan. Data released by the European Union showed that industrial output in the euro zone fell 2% month on month in September, the highest drop in nearly three years. Concerns about the euro zone economy falling into recession again increased, dragging down the crude oil market. The decline of crude oil will cut the cost of synthetic rubber, which is unfavorable to the natural rubber market

weather conditions: natural rubber production area in Thailand, cloudy in North Central Thailand and rainy in the South; Malaysia production area, rainy in the south of the Malay Peninsula, cloudy in the north of Kalimantan island; In Indonesia, it is cloudy in the north of Sumatra island equator, rainy in the south of Sumatra island equator, and cloudy in the south of Kalimantan island; China's electrolyte market is mainly in China, Japan and South Korea, with showers in Hainan and cloudy Yunnan. Recent weather has little impact on rubber cutting production and transportation

in the Asian spot market, the price rose the previous trading day. A trader in Singapore said that the market sentiment improved because Monti was appointed the new Prime Minister of Italy on Sunday to form a transitional government. RSS3 of Thai No. 3 cigarette adhesive shipped in December/January is quoted at 335 cents per kilogram. On the 15th, the official FOB quotation of Malaysia standard adhesive SMR20 in December fell slightly in the morning

in other aspects, according to China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, it is easy to cause small piston damage and oil leakage, and China's synthetic rubber production capacity will leap to the first in the world. By the end of this year, the total capacity of China's main synthetic rubber plants is expected to reach 3.33 million tons, of which 520000 tons will be added this year, an increase of 19% over 2010. It is estimated that the annual total output of synthetic rubber will exceed 2.7 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 12%. The association predicts that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, the annual production capacity of synthetic rubber plants in China will approach 6million tons. Assuming that the import volume remains unchanged, the overall utilization rate of the unit will be only 63%. The excess capacity of synthetic rubber will occupy the natural rubber market, which is unfavorable to the price

in general, there is no obvious trend in the commodity market. The prospect that China's credit will continue to loosen drives optimism. Traders in the international market believe that China's demand for basic raw materials will rise. The recent strong performance of the US stock market has been supported by signs of recovery of the US economy. However, the situation of European debt is not optimistic. Italy's bond yield is at a high level, close to the boundary of needing assistance, indicating that investors are not very optimistic about the new government. Political disputes in Greece also resurfaced. The future of European debt is full of too much uncertainty. The external situation has weakened the support for the rubber market. The meeting of the three major rubber producing countries decided to stabilize the price above US $3000 per ton. According to the new news, Thailand would prefer the price above US $3500, which is higher than the current spot price. The effect of price floor is strong and effective in the short term. However, the long-term supply and demand situation has not changed. China's auto sales have encountered resistance. Although the exporters have boosted prices by restricting exports, the restricted parts will flow into the market in some future periods, which will increase the burden of supply

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