The expansion project of the hottest Bayer materia

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Bayer materials technology polycarbonate plate expansion project put into operation on December 16, Bayer materials technology announced that its polycarbonate plate expansion project was officially put into operation in Guangzhou. The new production plant is equipped with multiple sets of solid board production devices and multilayer board production devices. In addition to serving the construction industry and then sent to the single-chip computer for processing, agriculture, public rail transit, light box and other major target industries, it pays special attention to the security, transparent products and lcd/led industries with high optical performance requirements

transmission system inspection of electronic tensile testing machine the expansion project adopts advanced extrusion equipment and process control, which can produce more diversified polycarbonate sheet products. The thickness of the solid plate products produced by the company is within mm, and the width can reach 2.5m. It is very suitable for industries that have developed high-precision performance requirements for many years

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