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The expert group of the World Packaging Organization "Asian packaging center" visited Zhongshan

Nanfang news this year, the World Packaging Organization approved the Asian packaging center to settle in China. As an international packaging industry brand, if Zhongshan is targeted, it is of great significance to promote the reform and upgrading of the packaging industry in Zhongshan and even the whole country, and to promote the packaging industry to enter the world with stronger competitiveness. Yesterday afternoon, under the leadership of Qian, vice president and Secretary General of China Packaging Technology Association, material suppliers and equipment manufacturers must cooperate closely, the expert group of "sub packaging center" of the World Packaging Organization began to visit Zhongshan. Chengenkai, deputy secretary and mayor of the municipal Party committee, and wuruicheng, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor of the municipal Party committee, introduced the basic situation of Zhongshan's application for "Asian packaging center" to the expert group. It is reported that there are also four domestic cities competing with Zhongshan to apply for the "sub package center"

at the report meeting on applying for the Asian Packaging Center held yesterday, chengenkai introduced the economic development of Zhongshan, especially the development of packaging and printing industry in the European Union. Since China's packaging and printing production base settled in Zhongshan in 1999, the packaging industry has been growing and has become one of the important pillar industries in Zhongshan. Wuruicheng reported to the expert group the favorable conditions and commitments for Zhongshan to apply for the "sub Contracting Center". He pointed out that as one of the five pillar industries in Zhongshan, the packaging and printing industry has established a complete packaging and printing industry system, including raw material supply, mechanical equipment, packaging and printing. At present, the city has more than 700 various packaging and printing enterprises. Last year alone, the output value of packaging and printing reached 15.2 billion yuan, accounting for about 14.5% of the city's total industrial output value. Zhongshan has the "six advantages" of applying for the Asian packaging center, including urban advantages, industrial advantages, market advantages, human resources advantages, policy advantages and government advantages, and has formed a packaging and printing enterprise group with different requirements for the matching stability and interchangeability of its parts centered on the China packaging and printing production base in the Torch Development Zone

at the report meeting, the experts asked the heads of the functional departments of the municipal government about relevant issues. It is understood that the expert group will also conduct on-the-spot investigation on China's packaging and printing production base

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