The expansion of production capacity of the hottes

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Recently, Yucheng Municipal People's government signed an agreement with shandongnan university to jointly build Shandong graphene Engineering Technology Research Institute and shandongnan University Yucheng crystal material utilization technology research institute. The continuous rise of oil prices has aroused widespread concern in the world, resulting in energy shortage and promoting the development of chemical raw materials A sharp rise in the prices of general commodities, including chemical products. We found that in the basic chemical industry "the proportion of three acids and two alkalis to the exports of emerging countries will also be greatly increased", the price of soda ash is rising rapidly, with an increase of 41% in the first quarter. 7%, so the relevant varieties are worth 5. This product can be widely used by investors in aerospace, petrochemical, auto parts, engineering plastics, wires and cables. Recently, many stocks have soared due to the price rise of products, such as United Chemical, XinHeCheng, etc

soda ash is mainly used in the production of float glass, and the domestic production capacity of float glass is expanding rapidly. At the same time, the change of bottle type of daily-use glass and products, including the increase in the export volume of red wine bottles, also boosted the demand. With the post Wenchuan earthquake reconstruction in Sichuan, the demand for building materials and glass will be huge

soda ash as an important raw material for glass (2) slightly improved economic benefits, and its demand is bound to increase. Since last year, the price of soda ash has been steadily rising, which has also been rapidly transmitted to the export market. Since this year, the export price of China's soda ash has increased significantly year-on-year

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