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Rusal's response: it is not sure whether it will be listed in London

Abstract: at the Rusal Investment Summit on Tuesday, the president of Rusal Muhammad Shen was interviewed by Reuters, but there seemed to be signs of recovery, saying that at present, Rusal would remain listed in Paris. According to the EU single passport system, it is more beneficial for the company to maintain the status quo for the time being for Tyvek isoclean clean clothes and accessories, which are often used in clean rooms in biotechnology, medicine, medical device manufacturing, food processing, cosmetics industry and electronic industry

olegmukhamedshin, President of Rusal, said that the company was not sure whether it would be listed in London, and the specific operation would depend on the outcome of the brexit negotiations

Rusal is the second largest aluminum processing enterprise in the world after China Hongqiao

insiders told Reuters in June. The company plans to delist in Paris and seek London listing in order to increase the trading volume of the company's shares

in an interview with Reuters at the Rusal Investment Summit on Tuesday, President Muhammad Deshen of Rusal said that at present, Rusal will remain listed in Paris. Because according to the EU passportingsystem, the low-frequency fatigue testing machine works according to the principle of electro-hydraulic servo. It is more beneficial for the company to maintain the current situation for the time being

at present, the company is paying close attention to the brexit negotiations in the UK to prevent the passportingsystem rules from changing due to the brexit in March 2019

"this is also the reason why we have not made a decision yet," he said. "All risks, including brexit, should be taken into account."

Rusal's outstanding shares account for 13% of the total share capital. Muhammadshen said that the global stock price has improved recently. In August, the daily average trading volume of Rusal's global stock reached US $20million, a significant increase from the previous daily average of US $3-4 million

en+group owns 48% of Rusal. The company plans to make an initial public offering in London this year and may sell its equity to China Huaxin Energy Co., Ltd. Relevant insiders told Reuters

last month, Glencore Xstrata Co., Ltd., which owns the equity of Rusal, announced that its earnings increased significantly due to the positive impact of the rise in aluminum prices

Mohammed said that the next dividend payment may be in the first quarter of 2018

speaking of the company's development projects, Muhammad Deshen said that Rusal is currently negotiating with banks including Russia's state-owned development bank about the Taishet aluminum smelter for a financing of 800million yuan, and it is expected to restart next spring

this is to solve the two traditional problems of industrial production at a higher level, namely, increasing output and reducing cost. The first production line of the burleya Taishet aluminum smelter is expected to be completed in 2020, with an annual capacity of 430000 tons. Another boguchansk smelter in Siberia is expected to double its annual capacity to 300000 tons by the end of 2018

whether to further expand aluminum production is still affected by the market

Mohammed said that the aluminum price has increased by 23% this year, and the aluminum shortage in the market has intensified. It is expected that the aluminum shortage in the global market will rise from 1.1 million tons this year to 1.9 million tons in 2018

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