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Gansu: this year's rural road construction will plan to invest 9.6 billion yuan

Gansu: this year's rural road construction will plan to invest 9.6 billion yuan

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it was learned from the provincial transportation poverty alleviation and rural road construction management on-site meeting held yesterday afternoon that it is unlikely to directly replace flexible packaging materials with recycled cardboard that this year's rural road construction in Gansu Province will plan to invest 9.6 billion yuan, 15000 kilometers of rural roads will be built during the 13th Five Year Plan period. It is understood that during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Gansu Province took the construction of rural roads as the primary task of the province's "six breakthroughs" in the poverty alleviation action of "1. In 2009, Shandong Liufeng Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. 236" with an investment of 41.1 billion yuan, 58900 kilometers of new and reconstructed rural roads. Deng Junde, deputy director of Gansu Provincial Highway Administration Bureau, said that among them, 1936 kilometers of the township and 42000 kilometers of the established village patency project have been completed, which has solved the problem of 51 ambitious townships and 7083 established villages without asphalt (cement) roads. "By the end of 2015, the rural roads in the province had reached 123000 kilometers, and asphalt (cement) roads were available in all townships and 82% of the established villages, double that at the end of the eleventh five year plan."

this year, Gansu Province plans to invest 9.6 billion yuan in rural road construction, focusing on the completion of 15000 kilometers of the smooth flow project of established villages. Kang Jun, director of the Gansu Provincial Department of transportation, said that it would focus on completing 15000 kilometers of the project of the smooth flow of organic villages, 450 road hardening projects of the "thousand beautiful villages" demonstration village group, and the implementation of 50000 kilometers of rural road safety and life protection projects. "By the end of the year, asphalt (cement) roads will be basically available in the province's established villages. By the end of June, the province's rural roads had completed an investment of 3.56 billion yuan, accounting for 37.1% of the annual plan."

it is understood that during the 13th Five Year Plan period, Gansu Province plans to build 62000 kilometers of rural roads. By 2017, 100% of the established villages will be connected with asphalt (cement) roads; By 2020, a safe and convenient transportation network "connecting the outside and the inside, connecting villages and towns, and taking shuttle buses to villages" will be fully built

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