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The Russian army has established an anti UAV force, which can detect low flying UAVs within 55 kilometers.

reference news on February 22, Russia's "Shimbun" station published a report entitled "air predator Hunter" Gang ": the army will have anti UAV forces" by Alexei ram and Bogdan stepovoi on February 21. The Russian media called it against enemy cruise missiles and UAVs, The Russian radar Corps has newly formed a "guerrilla" equipped with "Gang" low altitude radar and automatic control system of air defense weapons. When necessary, they can travel hundreds of kilometers by car. The first batch of such troops have begun to carry out combat duty in the southern military region

the "news" obtained from the Russian Ministry of defense that the top of the two clamping jaws are respectively fixed on the frame with a secondary oil cylinder; The first end of the two main cylinders is fixed on the movable gripper seat. The red flag 4th air defense group army has formed the first batch of mobile forces, which governs the aviation, air defense missile and radar forces deployed in the Southern Federal District, the Northern Caucasus Federal District, the Crimea federal district and the Federal city of Sevastopol

new tactics for low altitude flying targets were developed in Syria. There, the Russian army found that UAVs and cruise missiles hidden in folded terrain could avoid fixed or low mobility radars. Now, the new special forces will move towards the dangerous source to ensure the timely detection of hidden air targets. The high mobility radar and the automatic control system of air defense weapons can take necessary measures in time to repel the attack of cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles

it is reported that the "Gang" low altitude radar is used to monitor the airspace and determine the distance, echelon, altitude and route of air targets. It is specially improved for searching low altitude and ultra-low altitude fighters, helicopters, UAVs and cruise missiles, and can find targets in the dense reflection environment of dense buildings, folded terrain and hydrometeorological formations. At the same time, the "guild" can also work reliably under the electronic interference of the enemy

data picture: Russian army "Gang" mobile low altitude radar system. (the picture comes from the network)

data picture: "Gang" mobile low altitude radar vehicle ISO9000 is a recent photo produced when international trade meets barriers

for the sake of economy and simple technology, the radar is installed on three off-road vehicles. The first is an instrument and equipment vehicle, the second is a radar antenna vehicle, and the third is a diesel electric locomotive with cables on the trailer. This simple layout allows the radar station to be deployed within 20 minutes

it is reported that the instruments and equipment can carry out omni-directional monitoring within 150 kilometers. When the radar antenna rises to 14 meters, it can find hidden targets within 41 kilometers and at an altitude of about 100 meters. If it rises to 52 meters, the detection radius will be extended to 55 kilometers. The radar can work at temperatures ranging from minus 50 degrees Celsius to above zero 50 degrees Celsius

if necessary, the Russian radar can also cooperate with the air defense missile force, the aviation force, the border and coastal defense forces and the air traffic administration

the former deputy commander of the Russian Air Force in charge of the CIS joint air defense system, aitech bizev, believes that the experience of recent decades shows that the efficiency of air defense forces depends on the mobility of radar and air defense missile systems

data picture: Russian thugs -m light protection launched "caliber" cruise missiles. (the picture comes from the network)

the new parts replaced

he told the news: "The fixed air defense system can resist the initial attack of the enemy, but it will inevitably be destroyed in the next attack. And the 'Guild' radar can switch fields in a few minutes to enhance the viability of the air defense system. It is good at dealing with cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles, and can also prevent the loss of some monitoring loopholes caused by radar. At the same time, the 'Guild' is also easy to camouflage."

According to the report, the Russian army is actively strengthening its air defense system. For example, the thug class small missile ships (carrying "caliber" cruise missiles) of the Caspian Sea division fleet performing strategic missions have a short service life, which is what they do. Radar companies equipped with p-18rt radars also camp in the Caspian Sea area, which can find various air targets with altitudes of several meters to tens of thousands of meters

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