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Rural workshops come out of the "paint king"

rural workshops come out of the "paint king"

November 15, 2004

from a laid-off demobilized military cadre to the "paint king", from selling his house to raise funds to set up a factory to have a beautiful four story building, from being heavily indebted to making hundreds of thousands of yuan of profits every year, Hu Xiangguo, who has experienced several life baptisms, has been able to face the ups and downs of the market calmly. Nearly 60 years old, he could have enjoyed his old age at home, but Hu Xiangguo's character of doing everything himself still makes him run for his paint career in many ways. He hopes to promote the paint he produces to a broader market as soon as possible, "let the paint produced in this rural workshop compare with the famous brand paint, and realize his paint dream"

life hit one after another

in 1986, affected by the stocking of lithium battery manufacturers double 11 and double 12, Hu Xiangguo, who once served as the Secretary General of a division of the people's Liberation Army, transferred to Yueyang Lifting Electromagnet Factory and became an enterprise cadre. Within one year, Hu Xiangguo, who won the trust of the workers, was elected chairman of the trade union. In 1998, the electromagnet factory went bankrupt, and four people in Hu Xiang's country were laid off at the same time. The sadness shrouded the hearts of the family

looking at the sad expression of his family, Hu Xiangguo told himself, "I am the head of the family. The factory collapsed, and I can't collapse!" So he began to find another way out: borrowed money from his old comrades in arms to open a small electromechanical company, and then rented two stores in the barbecue City, hoping to get out of trouble. Unexpectedly, the blow hit like a storm: due to ignorance of business and malicious deception, electromechanical companies and barbecue shops closed down one after another. This investment made Hu Xiangguo lose hundreds of thousands of yuan, and his family was heavily in debt for a time

the entrepreneurial process was painful and happy

although the loss was heavy, Hu Xiangguo was not defeated by failure. By chance, he got a paint formula from an old comrade in arms who studied paint. There are opportunities, but where does the capital come from? Lao Hu has the indomitable stubbornness and pride of revolutionary soldiers. He made a major decision: fight back and sell his house to raise funds. The house was gone, so the whole family had to move into a rural household in the suburbs to settle down temporarily

at that time, decorative coatings were just emerging, and some raw materials could not be bought in Hunan at all. Hu Xiangguo and his youngest son Hu Bing went back and forth between Wuhan and Yueyang, and they went back and forth three times a day at most. With raw materials, he couldn't afford to buy production equipment. Lao Hu had an idea. He bought a motor and made a mixing equipment by himself, which was refitted into a mixing bucket with an ordinary tin bucket. The whole production workshop is a manual workshop with a very small output. With products, how can we sell them? Without saying a word, Lao Hu carried a bucket of 30kg paint on his back and walked out. During that time, almost all the streets and alleys of Yueyang left his footprints. Even so, the opposite outer diameter is Φ The 48.3mm steel pipe scaffold uses right angle fasteners and rotary fasteners. It takes dozens of companies to get a business

"Dad pays great attention to learning. He would rather eat less and wear less than squeeze out money to buy paint professional books. He really can't understand it, so he runs to the university to ask experts and professors for advice. Sometimes he just laughs when he meets some gossip." In Hu Bing's impression, the first few years of selling the house were the hardest and most tiring. The family moved four times in a row like a guerrilla. During the Spring Festival of 2000, the whole family crowded into the hut on the mountain and ate the Group New Year meal around a big wooden board. "After paying the workers' wages, Dad had only 50 yuan left, and he couldn't afford to buy any new year goods at all." Thinking of these, Hu Bing's heart was sour and his eyes were red. For Hu Xiangguo, the process of entrepreneurship is arduous, but as long as he overcomes a technical problem or sells a bucket of paint using kraussmaffei's colorform process, his heart is sweet and a happy smile will appear on his face

after several years of hard work, the quality and price of paint and Lao Hu's excellent service have been recognized by the society. The business has expanded rapidly from Yueyang to the whole province, and has developed to Jiangxi and other surrounding areas. The business is becoming more and more prosperous. In 2001, the old Hu family ended their wandering days and moved into a new four story building

after careful consideration, Hu Xiangguo named his paint "Jinyu" brand, meaning that it was publicly listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as "Jinyu Mantang" in 2011, and his dream became clearer: to promote "Jinyu" paint to a broader market. This year, Lao Hu and his son began to talk about changing their business mode of producing their own paint to market sales. No, Lao Hu is going to Jiangxi to talk about painting business with a hotel immediately. Hu Bing will also go to Guangzhou to participate in a national paint exhibition. Lao Hu's paint dream has spread its wings

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