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Snap up 1194 sets! More than 776million! At the first order meeting of the new year, modern excavators sold out

snap up 1194 sets! More than 776million! At the first order meeting of the new year, modern excavators sold out

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at the dawn of the Spring Festival, Hyundai Heavy Industry released six new excavators at one go, and also brought sincere preferential policies for the purchase of machines to the majority of users. From January 23 to 24, 2020, a new product launch and new year order meeting with the theme of "Spring Festival Group worship, modern greetings" was held. In the nationwide Spring Festival ordering meeting, users from all provinces and cities rushed to buy 1194 sets of modern products, with an order amount of more than 776million. Why are modern excavators selling so well? Let's take you to the activity site today

on January 23, 2021, the new product launch of "Spring Festival Group worship, modern greetings" was grandly held in modern Jiangsu factory, and six new products r150wvs pro, r205vs, r215vs pro, r245vs, r375lvs, r550lvs were released on site. Tiejia broadcast the whole event online, and invited excavator hongnana to test drive on site. More than 200000 people paid attention to it online, and online users received continuous reviews

executive speech by Li Yuantai, general manager of Hyundai (Jiangsu) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hong Nana test drives a new modern excavator

Hyundai r150wvs Pro wheel excavation

as we all know, Hyundai r150wvs Pro wheel excavation is deeply favored by users in this field. This 15 ton r150wvs Pro wheel excavation released this time has won the attention of wheel excavation users. The car adopts Cummins 6-cylinder engine, with the maximum power of 124kw in the industry. The original imported pump valve, travel motor, gearbox, bridge and control solenoid valve have good durability, less faults and less maintenance costs; One key idle speed and automatic idle speed are integrated into one, with dual control of VPC and IPC. The speed and fuel consumption are perfectly matched, with high speed and low fuel consumption; The maximum walking speed is increased to 38km/h, which is the fastest acceleration and walking speed in the industry, saving the transition speed and bringing greater benefits to customers

Hyundai r245vs excavator

in order to meet the needs of users in the 20 ton machine market, Hyundai Heavy Industry has brought three new products this time, which can be said to be painstaking. R205vs inherits the advantages of r215vs, uses a 6-cylinder Cummins engine, and adds a standard rear-view camera; R215vs Pro is an upgraded version of the original Hyundai ace r215vs, with a standard configuration of 1m ³ Wide and shallow bucket makes unloading more convenient. The excavation force is increased by 7.8%, the traction force is increased by 20%, and the structure of the large and small arms is strengthened as a whole, and the strength is increased by 50%; R245vs adopts the imported Kawasaki hydraulic system with a standard configuration of 1.5m ³ The goal of the wide and shallow earthwork bucket is to create a trump card product for earthwork loading

Hyundai r550lvs excavator

in the market, Hyundai Heavy Industry is also unwilling to be outdone. The appearance of r375lvs and r550lvs products fully proves this. Among them, the S-N curve bucket capacity of r375vs shovel drawing material is increased to 1.9m ³, Reached the level of 39ton; The imported Kawasaki 185cc super large displacement main pump is adopted, which increases the self-priming function and is durable and reliable; Imported Cummins engine with low speed and high torque, low fuel consumption and fast response; R550lvs adopts imported Cummins qsm11 engine and the original Rexroth 225 displacement main pump, which works reliably. It adopts the latest modern epic control technology to control each pump independently and accurately, so that the whole machine has low noise and low fuel consumption. In addition, it is worth noting that the standard bucket capacity of r550lvs reaches 3.6 square meters when this machine is equipped with a 10 fold explicit measuring microscope, which can easily match the 205mm crushing hammer. It can be described as the top configuration of this level

new 5VA) spring ordering meeting site

next, let's take a look at the site of the Sichuan main venue of the national linkage ordering meeting on the 24th. The national linkage Spring Festival ordering meeting was full, with more than 400 on-site customers and tens of thousands of users in the online live room participating in the event

speech by Jin Xiangxiong, President of Hyundai Heavy Industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

first of all, Jin Xiangxiong, President of Hyundai Heavy Industry (China) Investment Co., Ltd., made a speech in which he expressed sincere thanks to the customers who came to this event. Over the past 25 years since entering the Chinese market, Hyundai Heavy Industry has always adhered to the concept of "quality first, customer supreme", committed to developing high-performance and high-quality excavators suitable for the Chinese market, kept pace with the times, and continued to innovate, so as to meet the growing and changing needs of the Chinese market and Chinese customers

customers from Jiangsu draw Hyundai 7.5 ton small excavation award

customers from Sichuan draw Hyundai hc30 forklift award

customers from Anhui draw great wall pickup award

how popular are modern excavators? Customers snapped up 1194 excavators at the new year order meeting, with an order amount of 776million, which is the biggest recognition of customers for Hyundai Heavy Industry. This new year's order meeting not only offers many discounts, but also prepares several rounds of exciting lottery links for the ordering customers. The ultimate prize is 7.5 tons of modern small excavation, modern forklift and Great Wall pickup truck, and connects with the winning customers on site


modern heavy industry has always attached importance to the quality and innovation of products. Every product is a work of ingenuity, which achieves the highest quality, serves every customer attentively, and allows users to choose a safe excavator. In this new year's ordering meeting of modern construction machinery, the remarkable achievement of frantically buying 1194 excavators has made Hyundai Heavy Industry the first in the excavator market in 2021. It is believed that Hyundai will launch more brand-new products to serve more customers in the future

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