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Rush to Leishen mountain, a 38 hour relay race

on the evening of January 31, the sales team in Central China of Siemens intelligent infrastructure group received an emergency from China Construction Third Bureau branch and Wuhan power supply company of the State Council. The construction of Leishen Mountain hospital entered a critical battle, requiring Siemens to customize a number of low-voltage distribution components to assemble low-voltage distribution cabinets, It is the aorta connecting the power supply side and the hospital power terminal

Siemens supports the construction of Raytheon Mountain hospital with low-voltage distribution components

the construction of Raytheon Mountain hospital is a race of life and death with the devil, which is full of the hard work of countless people. On January 25, on the first day of the lunar new year, the construction of huoshenshan hospital has just begun. Wuhan covid-19 epidemic prevention and control headquarters held an emergency dispatch meeting and decided to build another leishenshan hospital within half a month. With the spread of the epidemic, the overall scale of Raytheon Mountain hospital is more than two Vulcan mountain hospitals, but the construction period is equivalent to that of Vulcan mountain

after receiving the notice, many problems were put in front of them, and the Siemens team was confused for a time. What is the model, configuration and quantity of the product? How is the inventory? How to coordinate the material and human resources needed for production? What about logistics and special passes

a few simple words on a piece of white paper, which is the initial customer demand obtained by the team

a 38 hour relay race

in the haze of the COVID-19, the completion of Leishen Mountain hospital one minute earlier can bring more light and hope to the people in the epidemic area. Racing against time has become the only thing that relevant Siemens teams can do at present. Despite many thoughts, Siemens people from all over the world responded to the emergency action of rushing to rescue Leishen Mountain hospital

--- assemble

in ten minutes, a group of 23 people will be established to form the core project team of Raytheon Mountain project, covering the main principals of all links from sales, products, business, technology, commerce, logistics to management. The news in the group was flashing, and everyone was busy coordinating resources of all parties urgently, and put forward feasible solutions for the Raytheon Mountain hospital project in compliance application resumption, product situation communication, logistics planning and other links

at the same time, the news of the instructions for resumption of work and epidemic prevention stirred up a thousand waves among the employees of Suzhou Siemens Electric Co., Ltd. (seal). I can! It's OK with me! I'll be in Suzhou, see you tomorrow morning! An emergency production team composed of 28 production line employees, electricians, engineers, inspectors, logistics personnel and other posts also gathered at the speed of light

instructions for resumption of work and epidemic prevention

at 2:31 a.m., the group finally quieted down. After numerous rounds of clarification and confirmation, the project team finally confirmed that Siemens will provide frame circuit breakers and dual power controllers. The circuit breaker will be urgently produced by seal tomorrow morning and delivered before 12 noon. Some of the controllers are from the inventory of Shanghai Siemens Line Protection System Co., Ltd. (SCPS), and the rest are from the company's warehouse in Suzhou Beiqiao. All the goods are collected in the Suzhou warehouse, and then transported to Shanghai by land through the green channel of the carrier, and then transported to Wuhan panel factory by air for assembly, and then arrived at Leishen mountain

--- production

the battle started before dawn. For emergency, SCPs quickly transferred goods and gave full support. Worried about land transportation control, the logistics team contacted the Shanghai warehouse overnight and arranged drivers. After several setbacks, it finally arrived at the Suzhou warehouse at 4 a.m. on February 1

day 3) the torsion bar is made of high-purity 45 steel, and the whole staff assemble on time. During the special period of the epidemic, after strict factory registration and body temperature examination, the workers rushed to work against the cold winter wind. But the chill was soon dissipated by the enthusiasm of the workers. In just six hours, all the production links of circuit breaker products from raw material preparation, customized production, assembly to quality inspection, packaging and packing were completed. At this time, all the goods have been ready in the Suzhou warehouse, waiting to be sent to Wuhan plate factory for assembly

--- transportation

on the same day, because the carrier previously contacted was carrying the task of distributing masks and protective clothing with ideal working characteristics and other key materials, it was unable to provide air shipping space for this batch of goods for Siemens. After learning the news, the logistics team and the carrier urgently started the standby land transportation plan: arrange a special bus and two drivers for the Wuhan line, coordinate the pass at the same time, and it is expected to enter Wuhan on the night of February 1

the truck that is about to leave for Zhenjiang Yangzhong affects everyone's heart

affected by the epidemic, some workers in Wuhan Panchang were isolated and unable to produce, so they need to choose another Panchang. Together with all parties, the sales team quickly targeted a panel factory located in Jiangyang, Jiangsu, and readjusted the transportation plan, replacing drivers and trucks. The product and technical support team also immediately kept up with the new panel factory to connect the technical solutions

38 hours of all-out efforts, the dedication of more than 100 people, and the twists and turns of more than 300 kilometers, the products finally arrived at the panel factory. Siemens components will be assembled into a complete set of low-voltage distribution cabinets in the panel factory, and the factory commissioning will be completed, and the products will be sent to Wuhan

the panel factory was not familiar with the use of Siemens components. During this period, there were many failures and errors. Through remote connection technical support and repeated communication, finally, at 4 a.m. on February 4, after a 13 hour long journey, the low-voltage distribution cabinet safely arrived at the site of Raytheon Mountain hospital, and was successively connected to the power supply system

thinking about the epidemic, he volunteered to join leishenshan

as early as January 25, the first day of the first month, the news of the construction of leishenshan hospital had just been announced, and the sales team of Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure Group immediately contacted the subordinate branch of the Third Engineering Bureau of China Construction Corporation, the main contractor, to understand the construction needs, and expressed the hope to make modest efforts in medium and low voltage power distribution. At the same time, the Siemens team took the initiative to find the Wuhan power supply company in charge of the power supply system guarantee of leishenshan hospital, hoping to provide technical support in the power distribution system of the hospital

Raytheon Mountain hospital construction site

at that time, except for the station, everything was unknown. The reply the team received was: Thank you for your support and stand by. Because of this commitment, Siemens has also tightened its internal clockwork. In just two days, according to the requirements of the power supply company, the Siemens team completely sorted out the product lists and technical descriptions of dual power transfer switches, molded case circuit breakers and miniature circuit breakers, and accordingly arranged the inventory of factories in Suzhou, Shanghai and other places, ready for supply at any time

although it is still the Spring Festival holiday, colleagues are willing to sacrifice their rest time and help enthusiastically when they hear that they are serving Leishen Mountain hospital. Said Li Song, a member of the Siemens team who lives in Hanyang, Wuhan. Siemens departments work overtime to coordinate and speed up decision-making efficiency. No matter how big or small, a message can be quickly solved

in order to speed up the construction, Raytheon Mountain hospital finally selected the ready-made container type power distribution room instead of the traditional mode of on-site construction of power distribution room. However, through partners, Siemens' medium and low voltage products such as ring cabinets, switch panels and miniature circuit breakers still contribute to the construction of this emergency hospital

Siemens ring cabinet was installed and debugged on the site of Raytheon Mountain hospital project

at 6 p.m. on January 29, the construction of power distribution network on the power supply side of Raytheon Mountain hospital was completed. With the order of the project leader, the on-site power supply equipment began to emit a uniform buzz, which means that the power supply side of Leishen Mountain hospital, which carries the hope of the Chinese people, was officially powered on

after more than 10 days and nights of hard work, Wuhan leishenshan hospital has been delivered for use on February 8, and will receive the first batch of patients. At present, the first batch of medical team members have been stationed in Wuhan Leishen Mountain hospital. Our efforts were not in vain. Zhu Yi, a member of the Siemens team, said that seeing all the builders give up their homes for everyone, why can't we do anything

fully prepare for the decisive victory of the epidemic

at such a critical moment, Siemens firmly supports all efforts to combat the epidemic. This battle is not only about China, but also about the entire international community. Lothar Herrmann, President and CEO of Siemens Greater China, said that Siemens was ready to provide further necessary support to win the epidemic

the epidemic is rampant, and Siemens' efforts are far from limited to Raytheon Mountain hospital. On January 29, the East China team of Siemens digital industry group received an emergency from Shanghai dongfulong company, which urgently needed 400 PLC modules for assembling disinfection robots and sent them to the hospital in the epidemic area. Usually, it takes at least 3 days to complete the process from order receiving to delivery

in case of urgency, Siemens allocated resources from all parties. In the case of insufficient human and transportation resources, Siemens urgently coordinated all links of business, credit control, warehousing and logistics, and delivered the produced goods to the factory of Shanghai dongfulong company. Here, Siemens' control modules are loaded into intelligent disinfection robots and rushed to hospitals in key epidemic areas in Wuhan and other places to build a solid security line against the virus

disinfection robots provide emergency support to Wuhan Jinyintan hospital, which is at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic

after the outbreak of the epidemic, Siemens Medical responded at the first time in the early morning of January 21, provided ultrasonic equipment for intensive care to local hospitals in Wuhan, and completed the task of starting the transfer of goods over the speed limit within 10 hours. At the same time, Siemens Medical Germany headquarters gathered global resources and deployed the optimized intercontinental cargo flights to give priority to fully guarantee the demand for mobile Dr equipment in China. Siemens engineers still went deep into the front line of the epidemic when Wuhan was declared closed to ensure the safe arrival and timely assembly of equipment

Siemens China and Siemens Healthcare China also announced that they would further support the fight against the covid-19 epidemic. All business groups of the company will jointly donate Siemens Medical equipment worth 15million yuan to fight the epidemic, and encourage employees to make voluntary contributions and actively participate in the company's actions. The donated equipment will mainly include Siemens Medical equipment such as CT and mobile Dr urgently needed in the epidemic area, which will effectively promote the screening and diagnosis of COVID-19

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