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Full sprint! Chemical industry leaders build a 100 billion level industrial cluster of new chemical materials

full sprint! Chemical industry leaders build a 100 billion level industrial cluster of new chemical materials

December 21, 2020

recently, Zibo held an on-site observation and comment meeting on 2020 economic and social development. The MMA and nitrile latex project of Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Co., Ltd. became the first stop of this observation

as a domestic C4 deep-processing head enterprise, xiangtengda has been among the Fortune 500 in China for three consecutive years, ranking 322 in 2020 and 9th in the chemical industry. Its leading product methyl ethyl ketone has an annual output of 280000 tons and maleic anhydride of 230000 tons, both of which rank first in the world

key projects in Shandong Province - the 100000 t/a MMA project of Zibo Qixiang Tengda Chemical Co., Ltd. phase I was put into operation, and the 200000 t/a nitrile latex medical new material project was officially launched. The first phase of MMA project was put into operation as planned in September 2020, and qualified products were produced in 8 days and nights. The operation of this project means that Qixiang Tengda has made a successful start to a new round of high-quality development

product upgrading and moving towards higher end of the value chain

Qi Xiang started from the deep processing of carbon 4. In 2016, it built a complete industrial chain, realized the "clean eating and squeezing" of carbon 4 resources, and became the largest deep processing base of carbon 4 in China. In particular, the production and sales of methyl ethyl ketone and maleic anhydride have ranked first in the world for consecutive years. However, in the C4 product chain, there are still some products with large quantities and low added value, in which the non proportional extension strength and elastic modulus are required to be measured by installing an electronic extensometer, and they are facing the urgent need for upgrading. In this context, MMA came into the attention of Qi Xiang's decision-makers

mma, also known as methyl methacrylate, can be used to produce plexiglass, high-grade paint, etc. as PMMA, the former FDA of the United States has approved seven tissue engineering products to market. With its transparency, hardness, appearance and other characteristics, MMA is known as the "Queen of plastic" and has a broad market space

the construction content of the whole project includes: 200000 t/a MMA, 100000 t/a PMMA, 400000 T/a tert butyl alcohol, etc., with a total investment of 3.8 billion yuan. The project adopts the direct oxidation process of tert butyl alcohol, which does not use toxic and harmful raw materials and produce toxic by-products, and the process is green and environment-friendly

in 2018, Qixiang Tengda MMA new material project was officially signed at the Confucian Merchants conference, and was listed as the key project of new and old kinetic energy conversion in Shandong Province in 2019

in 2020, nitrile latex medical gloves are increasingly in short supply. Qi xiangtengda immediately launched the new medical materials project. In June 2020, the experimental device was put into operation

in August 2020, the 200000 t/a nitrile latex project with a total investment of 680million yuan and an area of 170 Mu was officially started

Provide decision support for the development of new material industry; Further deepen the integration of military and civil affairs

carry forward the spirit of "four dry" and "four days", cast the new speed of construction

build the device in 15 months: in June 2019, let's introduce the operating procedures of a mortar tensile testing machine, the precautions for using the mortar tensile testing machine and the operating procedures of the equipment, and the project officially commenced construction. Qi Xiang Tengda, with the fighting spirit of fighting for sunny days, overcast days, rainy days and snowy days, broke through many obstacles, fought hard for 15 months, and completed two years of work, making Qi Xiang speed sing again on the land of Qi

after more than 2500 builders and more than 450 days and nights of hard work, hard work, skillful work and hard work, it took 15 months to complete the work of two years, and a total of 5 reactors, 22 towers, 97 heat exchange equipment, 61 tanks and 211 pumps were installed; 11 buildings and structures such as office buildings and control rooms, 3132 meters of pipe racks in the plant area and across the plant area, 30 spherical tanks and 24 various liquid tanks will be built. The total steel consumption of the whole project is more than 40000 tons, equivalent to the total steel consumption of Beijing "bird's nest" stadium

the plant will be put into operation as planned in September 2020. Qi Xiang Tengda took the whole company's efforts, carefully organized, carefully deployed, fully guaranteed transportation, closely cooperated, and produced qualified products in 8 days and nights

200000 T/a nitrile latex project, Qixiang Tengda is building while leveling the field. With the extraordinary determination and extraordinary measures that time is money and efficiency is life, it promotes the project construction. The total time from commencement to production is 100 days, completing the workload that others can only complete in 240 days. The 200000 t/a nitrile latex phase II project will also be completed and put into operation as soon as possible

adhere to polymerization along the chain to achieve cluster development

the MMA project produces qualified products, and the nitrile latex project is launched, marking that Qixiang Tengda has embarked on a golden track of large investment, development, output and fast work. At the launch ceremony, Che Chengju, chairman and general manager of Qixiang Tengda, proposed that by the end of 2021, five major projects and supporting projects, including MMA, nitrile latex, propane dehydrogenation, propylene oxide and isononanol, should be completed in an all-round way

at the same time, make full use of the advantages of the capital market, introduce modern enterprise system, build a high-end chemical new material industry platform with Qixiang Tengda as the core, and work with upstream and downstream enterprises in the park to achieve cluster development

on the journey of building a 100 billion level industrial cluster of new chemical materials, Qi Xiang's development goals are becoming clearer and more determined. Qi Xiangren will carry forward the Qi Xiang spirit of "unity and hard work, striving for first-class", adhere to the Qi Xiang concept of "taking care of the company as much as you do your own business, and cherishing the company's money as you spend your own money", strive to accelerate, strive to make new achievements, create a new highland of high-quality development, strive to be the standard bearer and benchmark for the transformation and upgrading of the traditional chemical industry, and contribute to the economic development of the city, Make unremitting efforts for a happy life for local people

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